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The Bulls, Their Defense And Three Concerns

The Bulls, Their Defense And Three Concerns
Ever since the Bulls remodeled their roster, the primary concern has been how coach Fred Hoiberg can blend his rotations in order to create an efficient offense. Given the fit of the roster, offensive cohesion may take some time to develop, but something that’s been overlooked has been the roster build and the potential ramifications... Read more »

Bulls focused on defensive improvement, but offense will decide their fate

When asked if the Bulls can keep improving, Derrick Rose replied in the affirmative, and you can tell who his coach is by the reply...

Bulls experimenting on defense?

The Chicago Bulls look much different on defense the past couple of games which caused me to question whether they were attempting to apply new defensive principles or whether they're simply playing defense poorly...

Please tell me Tom Thibodeau is not serious

Following the Bulls loss to the Miami Heat, Tom Thibodeau said something to the effect of “Defensively, we were terrible.   We have a lot of stuff we need to clean up”.   Please, please, please tell me this is just his standard stock answer and not the internal workings of his mind. The Chicago... Read more »

Can the Bulls defense rise to legendary status or are they a paper tiger?

The Bulls presently sit with an NBA best defensive rating of 99.2.   In the past five years, the only team to best that rating were the 2008 NBA champion Celtics with a 98.9.   If defense wins championships, prepare to hoist another banner at the United Center (of course, if it only took defense,... Read more »

Hell yes Thibodeau benched Boozer, and it had nothing to do with zones

Carlos Boozer wasn’t happy to be benched for the entire fourth quarter: “Yeah, absolutely,” Boozer said when asked if it was frustrating to sit. “You have to talk to Thibs about that. That was his decision.” Thibodeau defended the decision by discussing the Nets defense: “The big thing was we were behind big and they... Read more »

Bulls defense tearing it up - credit the coach

One of the big concerns about Carlos Boozer coming back to the Bulls was his impact on the defense.  Boozer hasn’t ever been known as much of a defender, and quite honestly, hasn’t played a whole ton of defense since returning to the lineup either.   However, Boozer’s return to the lineup hasn’t hurt the... Read more »

Derrick Rose is a team USA finalist, killing it with defense

John Jackson of the Sun Times with the quotes: “I thought he had a great week,” head coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “I love Derrick. I thought he had an incredible performance in the scrimmage on Saturday and defensively I thought he took it up a notch. Derrick really pressured the ball very well.” I heard... Read more »

The New Additions: By the Numbers

One of the sneakier things the front office did at the deadline was trade Salmons and Tyrus and get back two guys on expiring deals, Hakim Warrick and Flip Murray, who seem to fit the vacated bench slots on first glance.  Flip can score off the bench from the outside, and has done well scoring... Read more »

STRONG POTENTIAL: The Story of Taj Gibson

There have been a lot of interesting stories this season.  Deng making a quiet but consistent return from injury.  The riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma that is Tyrus Thomas.  The relentlessness of Noah, the reemergence of Hinrich and Salmons, the reanimation of Miller, and the driving narrative of the ascendancy of Rose. ... Read more »