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Bulls vs Pacers 7pm on WGN

Bulls vs Pacers 7pm on WGN
The Chicago Bulls crossed one revenge game off their last last night when they defeated the 76ers in Philadelphia, can they cross off a second by beating the Pacers in Chicago tonight? The Pacers have won their past six games after dropping five straight before that. Chicago is also riding a six game win streak. Whose streak comes to an end...

Bulls @ Hornets 8pm on WGN - Who's the best PG part II

The Bulls will roll into New Orleans with two days of rest to face a Hornets team that just defeated the Orlando Magic last night.   Typically such situations, when all other things are equal, give the rested team a fairly significant advantage.   Now one might think things aren’t equal, the Bulls are the... Read more »

Sports Unplugged: Bulls like David West

Another twitter update from Sports Unplugged about the Bulls: Source: Bulls are expressing fondness for David West ac… League Office insider What would be even better is if New Orleans expressed some interest in sending David West to the Bulls.   Otherwise, I have a source that says the Bulls have interest in LeBron James and... Read more »