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Can Carlos Boozer buck the trend of declining FA bigs?

The 2010 off-season shook up the NBA like few off-seasons ever have before.   While most of the attention focused on LeBron James, and to a lesser extent, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, it was the most loaded big man free agency group in recent memory. Thus far, returns on the court, haven’t matched expectations.  Does... Read more »

What to expect for 2010 free agency?

So the off-season begins in earnest, and we’re left wondering what to expect from the Bulls when July 1st hits.   Let me throw this situation out there.   LeBron stays in Cleveland which seems more likely than not.   Here’s my quick list:LeBron -> Cleveland (if they win the title, otherwise, all’s fair)Wade -> MiamiBosh ->... Read more »

Will the Bulls overpay a FA?

Let’s say the natural max guys are off the table [and honestly, Bosh is pushing it to be included in that group, but with the number of bidders he will absolutely get the max].   The Bulls are left staring at Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer, and David Lee.   There are a slew... Read more »

More Tyrus to New York stuff from KC

Per KC Johnson: The Knicks are trying to keep Harrington and make the deal work with other players, the league source said. The Bulls long have admired Harrington’s game. And trading Thomas would preclude the Bulls from making the decision of whether or not to place an approximately $13 million salary cap hold on his services... Read more »

More Lee to the Bulls rumors

From the New York Daily News: The Knicks were hoping to get Robinson and David Lee signed at the same time and that is still a possibility if Lee is willing to agree to a one-year deal worth between $7 and $8 million. If Lee isn’t signed, the Knicks will try to work out and... Read more »

Sam Smith: Bulls not interested in David Lee

On his twitter, Sam Smith debunks Lee rumrors: Got a few emails about david lee sign and trade rumor to bulls. nothing to it Well that’s shocking.   I would have never predicted that, not that I think I’m unique in doubting a throw away comment in a Mark Stein article.

David Lee to Chicago?

According to Mark Stein, the Bulls are a possible destination for David Lee. The problem? Unless Portland uses its cap space to make him an offer, Lee will be relying on the Knicks to cooperate in a sign-and-trade arrangement. And it’s believed that New York is determined to retain Lee and Nate Robinson on one-year... Read more »