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Bulls blow game to Mavs, storm from behind against Pistons

After Chicago's amazing upset against the Heat, the Bulls went on to split games this weekend against a pedestrian team and a poor one. The Bulls choked against the Mavericks as Dirk turned back the clock and stormed back against a Pistons team that was looking to get Charlie Villaneuva the final look...

The key to holding a 27 point lead? Get it with just 1 minute left

There was no comeback for the opponent tonight just a slow, steady throttling. Luol Deng suggested that the next few games would show how the Bulls responded to giving up a 27 point lead, and we've seen that this team, while lacking talent, isn't lacking pride. The Bulls took out their frustrations on the Dallas Mavericks in a beat down where they won every quarter...

Chicago Bulls face the one who got away

There's been no shortage of words for my belief that the Bulls should have pursued O.J. Mayo. While at times he looked like the second coming of Larry Hughes [the bad one], he possesses the athleticism, scoring instincts and all around game the Bulls desperately need long term at the shooting guard position...

Rose returns as Bulls defeat Dallas

Derrick Rose returned to action against the Mavericks playing a shade under 32 minutes of carefully controlled basketball while Dallas went the other way, resting Jason Terry and Jason Kidd for the night. Meanwhile, the Miami Heat decided to rest LeBron and Bosh for the night and Wade dislocated a finger in the first two minutes of the game. The result is they played the rest of the night without the big three and lost to the Wizards on a last second layup by Nene Hilario dropping the Bulls magic number for the East to one...

Bulls vs Mavericks 7pm on ESPN/WGN

The Dallas Mavericks may not have much to play for. Their playoff spot is locked up leaving them only to jostle for the sixth or seventh seed. The Mavericks have just two games to play and own the tiebreaker against the Denver Nuggets who are presently tied in the loss column, but with four games left to play. Dallas likely locks up the sixth seed and a first round matchup against the Lakers with a win in one of their final two games and may lock it up even if they lose both...

Which teams would be hurt most by a lost season?

With the owners taking a hard lined stance on economic issues, insisting that they flip the entire revenue model on its head, there stands a good chance the NBA will be without basketball this year. If that's the case, who are the big losers...

Final thoughts on Miami/LeBron/Dirk

So today, I was going to get allergy tested to purchase a new dog [yes, this ties in].   For people with severe pet allergies, there is a breed of dog called the American Hairless Terrier which many find tolerable.   However, the breed is pretty rare, and to test, you basically just play with... Read more »

Bulls Beat #194 - Mavericks Beat

Bulls Beat #194 – Mavericks Beat   I discuss the NBA finals, LeBron James’ collapse, and how the results should feel good for chicago Bulls fans.

Dallas gives hope to us all

If the Miami Heat lose to the Dallas Mavericks it won’t just be great for everyone who can’t stand the Heat, but it will continue to give hope to the rest of us.   When dissecting the Bulls loss to Miami In the playoffs I separate the games into three groups. Games Chicago won convincingly... Read more »

Who you rooting for in the West?

If you play for the Chicago Bulls, work for the Bulls, or could somehow hurt this team by daydreaming and losing focus, please go find another article to read about how the Miami Heat are going to beat your brains in game two, take that pent up hostility you get after reading it, and unleash... Read more »