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The case for and against O.J. Mayo

I view O.J. Mayo as one of the most overhyped prospects in the NBA. He was viewed as future NBA superstar in high school. He played well in his single season in college, and was drafted with the third overall pick in 2008. Due to a huge amount of minutes and possessions, he posted strong raw numbers his first two seasons in the NBA...

Doug's mailbag, answers to your twitter questions

Since I’ve gotten a ton of questions on twitter in the past 24 hours, and tweeting isn’t always the best way to give an extended response. Here’s my thoughts on all of the free agency happenings and answers to your questions with extended detail. @bnreves Any chance Bulls could deal for Gasol in a salary... Read more »

Where's Omer?

Where's Omer?
Omer's role on the Bulls has shrunken with the outstanding play of Joakim Noah. Against Orlando, Omer played sparingly despite a matchup where his size would appear heavily favorable. In fact, half of his minutes were with Howard on the bench. With Luol Deng likely taking a few games off, Rip Hamilton likely out a month, and the trade deadline fast approaching, the question is are the Bulls really committed to Asik...

What to do about Rip Hamilton?

What to do about Rip Hamilton?
"Chicago Bulls guard Richard Hamilton has a right shoulder contusion and mild sprain of his right shoulder. Hamilton suffered the injury in the first quarter of last evening’s game versus the Indiana Pacers. His status is day-to-day.". There's your official injury report from the Chicago Bulls. Doesn't sound that bad...

Bulls looking to be active on draft day

Take it with a grain of salt, but speaking to one of my Bulls sources, I’ve heard the team is unlikely to exit this Thursday’s draft with whomever is drafted at 28 and 30.   They’re investigating multiple trade scenarios (trading up, trading for Courtney Lee, or taking on salary for a higher quality player... Read more »

Bulls stand pat at deadline

In a move which seems to have upset a lot of Bulls fans, the Bulls have not made any moves at the trade deadline outside of the unloading of James Johnson for a 1st rounder yesterday. The Bulls have the chance to use that extra salary savings to bring in a player that is bought... Read more »

Latest Bulls trade rumors: O.J. Mayo and Courtney Lee

Per yahoo sports: The Chicago Bulls are still pursuing shooting guard Courtney Lee, offering a first-round draft pick to the Houston Rockets, sources said. Chicago could make the offer more intriguing with the addition of the Miami Heat’s 2011 first-round pick that the Bulls acquired from Toronto for forward James Johnson on Tuesday. For now,... Read more »

Bulls leading candidate to land Hamilton and other trade rumors

Quick side note, those looking for the normal Sunday edition of the Bulls Beat, I’m putting it off until Tuesday when K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune will be a guest on the show.   We’re not going to record until the late evening, so it will probably not be out until 11pm or so Tuesday... Read more »

Bulls and Rockets have discussed Courtney Lee for Omer Asik

Per the Houston Chronicle There have been talks with Chicago about center Omer Asik, according to a person with knowledge of those conversations. The Bulls have been looking for a shooting guard and have inquired about Courtney Lee. Morey has been hesitant to part with Lee. Quite frankly, I’d rather give up picks than Omer... Read more »

Want a new SG for Christmas? Here are some options

Bulls fans have clamored for a new shooting guard for the past several months as the Bulls frequently fail to get adequate production out of our starting two guard.   Derrick Rose has to do extra work without a second creator, and Keith Bogans isn’t spacing the floor any either.   Here’s some thoughts on guys the... Read more »