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Players and owners lose two weeks over system issues

The players and owners spent the last two days discussing system issues with the general understanding that if they could get through the system issues that they could agree on economic ones...

NBA Proposal - A Hard Cap by Any Other Name

NBA Commissioner David Stern and the NBA owners got down to business yesterday.  They jumped off their kind of silly saber-rattling initial proposal (a $45million hard cap and the end of guaranteed-contracts) and unveiled what they’re really looking for. The current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the league and the players includes a “soft” salary... Read more »

Union decertification, the players' hammer

Until reading this article from Larry Coon, I hadn’t realized the players hold a real hammer in negotiations: The real trump card in the players’ hands might be union decertification. Many of the league’s practices, such as the salary cap and draft, may violate antitrust laws, had they not been agreed to via collective bargaining.... Read more »