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Bulls fly to LA to meet with Thibodeau

Looks like the Bulls may want Thibodeau afterall. The Bulls’ interview would suggest credence to multiple media outlets, including the Tribune, reporting the vacancy represents Thibodeau’s first choice. It’s unclear where Thibodeau stands on the Hornets’ offer and whether or not he asked for an extension on his decision. The Bulls had discussed the opening... Read more »

What to make of Vinny Del Negro?

So what do we make of coach Vinny Del Negro after two seasons?   The guy seems universally disliked by fans.  He seems to be the skapegoat for all of our losing while getting no credit for any of our winning. The number one thing any coach can do for a ball club is to make... Read more »

Ken Berger: Pete Myers possible interim over Paxson/Bickterstaff

Per Ken Berger [who’s suddenly pumping out a lot of Bulls info]:  According to sources, there is strong reluctance in the organization to move assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff into the interim job for the rest of the season. Bickerstaff is heavily involved in the in-game strategy — which stinks, by the way — and moreover,... Read more »

What the hell is with this trend to make GMs coach?

Recently, several teams have made incompetent GMs coach the rosters they’ve built.  Isiah Thomas, Kevin McHale, Kiki Vandeweghe, etc..    Why?   Why would any owner do this and why would any fan support this? It’s the ultimate in stupidity, but here’s how I presume it comes about. Owner: This team stinks, why did you put together... Read more »

Lawrence Frank on the Bulls radar

Per Mark Stein at ESPN: After former assistant Del Harris’ offseason departure, Bulls assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff, who has held four head-coaching jobs, stands out as the most natural interim replacement should Chicago decide to continue a tradition of Christmas-season coaching changes that previously claimed Tim Floyd and Scott Skiles. But NBA coaching sources told... Read more »

Former Bulls coach, Tim Floyd, resigns [fired] from USC

Personally, I’ve never been a Floyd fan.   I’m still bitter and spiteful for the way he failed the Bulls.   Yes, I know, I know, he had no talent at all to work with at all.   I mean what would a coach do with a team of Jamal Crawford, Ron Mercer, Ron Artest, Fred Hoiberg, Marcus... Read more »

Phil Jackson - Greatest coach of all time

Phil Jackson.    Greatest coach of all time.   Say it with me, it’s okay.    Is there really anyone else who can even compare to Jackson?    Many will bring up Red Auerbach who also won nine titles, but those nine titles are nothing compared to Jackson’s.    Red’s teams won a total of 19 playoff series to... Read more »