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Chicago Bulls @ Los Angeles Clippers, 9:30 PM WGN

The Clippers may be without point guard Baron Davis tonight, which gives the Bulls a break at just the right time. Chicago lost an embarrasing game to the Golden State Warriors just two nights ago, and Kirk Hinrich sidelined due to the flu. Not to be outdone, John Salmons ended up at the hospital with... Read more » reports Bulls thinking Shaq article  The gist of the rumor is the Bulls would dump Luol Deng, Tim Thomas and big Snacks (Jerome James for those of you outside my nickname loop) for Shaq.    With a backup plan of possibly moving Hinrich for Camby or Kaman. For those unaware of, the author has broken several Bulls trades... Read more »

The NBA Lottery's impact on the Bulls

The Clippers were the big winner in the lottery taking the 1st pick in a draft some people think is one player deep.   Personally, I think Rubio makes it two players deep, but most experts haven’t actually watched him play much and are skeptical of European players by default. K.C. Johnson writes about the... Read more »