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More Lee to the Bulls rumors

From the New York Daily News: The Knicks were hoping to get Robinson and David Lee signed at the same time and that is still a possibility if Lee is willing to agree to a one-year deal worth between $7 and $8 million. If Lee isn’t signed, the Knicks will try to work out and... Read more »

For better or worse, your 2009/10 Chicago Bulls

With Andre Miller officially signing with the trailblazers and Aaron Gray’s qualifying offer now guaranteed, it appears the Chicago Bulls are done for the summer with roster moves. Miller’s signing ends the Blazers possible pursuit of Kirk Hinrich which ends our ability to save Utah significant money in a Boozer trade. Aaron gray will be... Read more »

James Johnson's summer league highlights

Thanks to Ryguy from realgm and Bullspodcasters for posting these James Johnson highlights to youtube. Game 1: Game 2: Game 4:

Gordon's official contract numbers

I’ve found out Gordon’s official contract numbers, and they’re on the high end of what we’ve heard throughout the media. 09-10 $10,000,00010-11 $10,800,00011-12 $11,600,00012-13 $12,400,00013-14 $13,200,000 (Player Option)5 Years for $58,000,000. He also has a clause for incentives which are considered unlikely (meaning he didn’t reach them last season), but I don’t specifically know what... Read more »

Aaron Gray: "There's other interest out there"

From Sam Smith’s blog: “I’m going to do what’s best for me and the organization,” Gray said. “There’s other interest out there. I love the city of Chicago. I’m just going to play basketball and worry about getting better and whatever happens happens. Right now my responsibility is working on my basketball and my agent... Read more »

Gar Forman interview on Summer League broadcast

Here’s most of what I was able to write down while Forman was being interviewed in the second quarter of the Bulls Summer League game against Oklahoma City.  It’s probably about 90% of the interview though there were a few parts I missed. – Playing different guys, giving different guys an opportunity tonight with Gibson... Read more »

Taj Gibson has plantar fasciitis misses summer league game 3

Things have gone from bad to worse for Taj Gibson as he misses summer league game 3 with plantar fasciitis as reported on the summer league web broadcast.   This is somewhat discouraging since it’s often a chronic injury for players, and one which has a slow recovery. This early in the season it probably doesn’t... Read more »

Bulls work out Sean May

According to K.C. Johnson the Bulls have worked out Sean May.  May has also canceled his workout with the Clippers after getting a commitment from a team (not necessarily the Bulls, but possibly the Bulls).   With most of the league fixated on Utah matching Portland’s offer sheet to Paul Millsap, thus making Carlos Boozer... Read more »

More thoughts from summer league chatter

I’m back from Vegas amazed at how fast the two days went by, but on the plane ride home I remembered a few more nuggets in my discussions with Gar Forman as well as other summer league chatter. When talking about the Salmons / Nocioni swap he made the comment (rough quote) “Anytime you get... Read more »

Bulls want more than Boozer if they include Tyrus?

According to a John Hollinger chat Jim (Cambridge)What’s holding up Hinrich-Thomas-Boozer-Blazers? Seems like a win-win-win, and gives the Bulls even more cap space in 2010… John Hollinger (3:57 PM)Bulls want something extra from Portland if they’re going to include Tyrus Thomas, but Blazers don’t want to part with their prospects This is the trade that... Read more »