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Chicago Bullseye #187 - The Drive Home

I joined Fred Pfeiffer on an episode of the Chicago Bullseye recorded on our drive home from the United Center after the Bulls overtime win against the Heat...

Chicago Bullseye - Podcaster legend forum

Chicago Bullseye - Podcaster legend forum
Your regular podcast hosts Fred and Mark bring on myself and Brian Kush [formerly of Running with the Bulls] for a round table discussion of all things Bulls...

I join Fred Pfeiffer on the Chicago Bullseye

Fred forgot to tell me he put the podcast up, so it’s a few days old, recorded this past weekend. However, the topics were general and still valid today, so check out my discussion with Fred on the Chicago Bullseye #83.   Part of the BullsPodcasters network.

Chicago Bullseye Podcast #73 Parts 1 and 2

I haven’t gotten to listen to this show yet, but I heard all of the stories in person after Fred had an amazing trip out to the Berto center to play basketball with Joakim Noah and Bill Wennington.   Chicago Bullseye #73-1 Chicago Bullseye #73-2 Part I and II of an incredible day of basketball... Read more »