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Did the Bulls hire Del Negro to fire him this season?

So Vinny Del Negro is finally gone, and it got me to thinking:   Did the Bulls hire this guy with the intention of firing him a couple of years later? The Bulls were planning for 2010 free agency for an awfully long time.   This went back at least three seasons as John Paxson told me... Read more »

Does the White Sox getting Jake Peavy depress or inspire you?

I previously blogged about the trade when it was possible before and discussed Reinsdorf’s aversion to spending on the Bulls relative to the White Sox as well.   Now Sox fans should be thrilled with this trade, but how about Bulls fans? Does this enrage you that Ben Gordon wasn’t good enough to spend on,... Read more »

Fact or Fiction: Jerry Reinsdorf is cheap

A common perception of Jerry Reinsdorf, chairman of the board of the Bulls ownership group, is that he’s cheap.   That the Bulls are simply a cash cow where winning titles isn’t important, and only the bottom line is.    In order to discuss whether this is true or not I’ve focused on Forbes’ Business of Basketball... Read more »