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Bulls defeat Spurs for a rare significant win

Bulls defeat Spurs for a rare significant win
Maybe the Suns minus Bledsoe count as significant, but I'm thinking not. Barring that win, the Bulls have to go back to a December 5th win against the Heat to find a win against a quality opponent. Granted, the Spurs were missing Leonard, Ginobili, Green, and Splitter for the night, but Bulls fans are the last team to have any sympathy for someone else's injuries...

Bulls rest Rose and still annihilate the Bobcats

The merciful thing about this Bobcats game was that it started six and was effectively over by 7:00. If you had Friday night plans, no need to worry about whether or not you were missing something special. Derrick Rose rested, but it made little difference and shows just how good this Bulls team really is...

Could new all-star Luol Deng get a raise? Plus the Bulls will destroy Bobcats 6pm on CSN

The Chicago Bulls will stroll into Charlotte to play the hapless Bobcats, who will certainly finish bad enough to keep their draft pick for at least one more season. Meanwhile, the big news in Chicago is Luol Deng gets his first all-star nod...

Eastern Conference preview

Eastern Conference preview
With a compressed 0ff-season almost completed, it's time to break down the Eastern Conference...

For what it's worth, Bulls post preseason schedule

You know they have to, just in case, but these sad postings of schedules, especially for the preseason just seem mocking...

Turn the Charlotte Bobcats into the Chicago Jumpmen

Bill Simmons noted this idea on an article for Grantland, and quite honestly, it's completely brilliant. Jerry Reinsdorf has to be blocking this move with all his might...

Bulls win division, lose Boozer, and gain on Boston

Lots of things happened last night, some important, some not important.    The Bulls clinched the division for the first time since the Jordan era with a win over Charlotte and an Indiana loss.   To clinch this early is fairly amazing, but it says more about the weakness of the division than the strength... Read more »

Bulls @ Bobcats 6pm on CSN+

The Bobcats presently own two games against the Bulls, but that was a different Bobcats team.   A Bobcats team that had a lot of length and athleticism and could switch easily or trap aggressively.   Gerald Wallace is gone, Stephen Jackson decided he’s hurt, and the Bobcats don’t seem to have much left to... Read more »

Bulls finally beat the Bobcats

Derrick Rose threw out terms like ‘revenge’ and ‘easy game’ when before tip off.   Even with the extra blackboard material, the Bulls rolled over the Bobcats while playing fairly poor basketball most of the night.  I like the term ‘easy game’ more than revenge in this case as you can’t really avenge an embarrassing loss... Read more »

Bulls vs Bobcats at 7pm on WCIU

What can you say about the Bulls vs the Bobcats really?   You’d think this is a fairly easy contest for them; a home game against a mediocre team.    The Bobcats are on a back to back after beating the Lakers last night, though that should tell us something about how well they can... Read more »