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Chicago Bulls deliver a welcome home win against the Heat

Chicago Bulls deliver a welcome home win against the Heat
It's no fun returning from sunny Cancun to a yard that still has no visible grass, but Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, and D.J. Augustin sure did their best to keep the festivities rolling for me as the Bulls beat the Heat this Sunday...

Bulls Beat #310 - D.J. and Melo

Bulls Beat #310 - D.J. and Melo
I discuss the possibilities surrounding Carmelo Anthony and D.J. Augustin in this summer and how the Bulls can build a championship caliber team...

Will trades solve the Bulls problems? Not likely

The Bulls options are fairly limited and as the team has started off looking like a poor man's version of itself so far fans are loooking at how it can address the same ole issues...

Would you trade Deng and Brewer for Melo?

Let's ignore the fact that swapping Melo + Chandler for Howard + Turkoglu makes a world more sense for them and probably works for Orlando as well. Let's also ignore the fact that the Knicks almost certainly say no to this trade. If this were on the table, and you had to live with it contractually and on the court do you do it...

Trade deadline thoughts, a day after

Yesterday, I discussed my mixed emotions on the Bulls lack of a move.   The right move may not have been on the table, but the predeadline comments by beat reporters about the new CBA and saving money still bring back scary thoughts for a team I hope will finally be willing to pay the... Read more »

Carmelo, shockingly, not traded to the Bulls

The deal is now done, per lots of places, but one such place is yahoo sports: The Knicks offered to send Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler and the Knicks’ 2014 first-round draft pick to Denver. The Knicks would also trade Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry’s expiring contract to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who would send... Read more »

The fascinating dynamics of trading Carmelo Anthony

The whole NBA has been watching the Carmelo saga with varying degrees of interest.   The Bulls aren’t involved as they don’t have the pieces Denver wants, and Carmelo doesn’t seem particularly interested in heading to the windy city either despite the dead on accurate sources of Still, the situation has interesting implications on the... Read more »

Playoff seeding looking better for Bulls

The Boston Celtics have now lost two games in a row, and they’ve fallen into a tie with the Miami Heat.    Even in the Heat’s darkest days when they fell to 9-8 on the year, I predicted that they’d get it together and were still the favorite to win the title. Everything since then... Read more »

Bulls told not to bother pursuing Anthony

Sam Smith chimes in with what really makes the most sense: The Bulls, by the way, remain interested in Anthony and have been all season. They have been in contact with the Nuggets and Anthony’s representatives regularly. They have mostly been told not to bother, though you never know. But as we know it’s never... Read more »

Bulls internally considering whether to enter the Melo sweepstakes

Per Mike McGraw: It is widely believed Denver has insisted center Joakim Noah be included in any Anthony deal, which the Bulls are reluctant to do. It would be more difficult to trade Noah now that he’s signed a long-term extension. But the Bulls have gone 12-6 with Noah on the sideline with a thumb... Read more »