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Bulls move Hinrich + #17 to Washington for cap space

Per Ric Bucher: The Chicago Bulls have a deal in place that would move Kirk Hinrich and the 17th pick to the Washington Wizards, freeing up enough cap space to pursue two maximum-salary players in this summer’s free-agent market, sources with knowledge of the Bulls’ plans said Thursday. It wasn’t immediately clear what Washington would... Read more »

Does the White Sox getting Jake Peavy depress or inspire you?

I previously blogged about the trade when it was possible before and discussed Reinsdorf’s aversion to spending on the Bulls relative to the White Sox as well.   Now Sox fans should be thrilled with this trade, but how about Bulls fans? Does this enrage you that Ben Gordon wasn’t good enough to spend on,... Read more »

The Ultimate Bulls Blasphemy: Trade Derrick Rose?

No, this has nothing to do with the irrelevance of his grades or SAT scandal or whatever other “character flaws” people feel have been brought up in the past week.   Personally, I roll my eyes at that talk.  Next, there is an assumed premise that if the Bulls can acquire Bosh or Amare with another... Read more »