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Bulls Beat #290 - Roster depth

Bulls Beat #290 - Roster depth
I examine the Bulls roster depth and how various injury scenarios would impact the team...

Bulls Beat #201 - Best CBA?

All collective bargaining agreements aren't made equal. I discuss why the CBA you want as a Bulls fan may not be fair for everyone, and why I blame the owners, yet want them to win the negotiation...

Bulls Beat #191 - Beat the Heat

Bulls Beat #191 – Beat the Heat The Bulls are ECF bound, and I break down everything the Bulls need to do to beat the Heat as well as how the teams matchup against each other.

Bulls Beat #137

Bulls Beat #137 – Building towards the future – Delete A discussion of where Derrick Rose needs to improve, why Joakim Noah may not be here in the future, and all things related to the future salary cap.

Bullsbeat #129 - Jordan, Asik, and the Bulls year

I released Bullsbeat #129, you can download it here, or subscribe via itunes here. A look at Jordan’s controversial Hall of Fame speech, some Omer Asik scouting information, a brief look at 2010, and what the Bulls need to do to improve this summer.