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Bulls Beat #292 - Camp Battle

Bulls Beat #292 - Camp Battle
I discuss the camp battle for the final roster spot and note this might be the best Bulls roster Derrick Rose has ever had...

Boozer by the Numbers

Boozer by the Numbers
As the playoffs began, I wrote that it looked like Bulls forward Carlos Boozer might be knocking on the (fans’) “doghouse” door.  After 7 playoff games, it’s clear that he’s firmly established his residence there, though we hope not permanently.  During last night’s game 2 win over Hawks, Boozer was booed repeatedly by the fans,... Read more »

'Red Rocket,' Bogans foil villain Pacers

What’s this?! On a hallowed strip of paint inside the fortress known to all Chicago citizens as United Center, home of our heroes, the Chicago Bulls, villainy looms. A gleaming blue, 7’2 form hovers ominously near ‘the rim of sanctity.’ It is none other then Roy Hibbert, towering member of the dread Blue Marauders(heretofore known as the Indiana Pacers). Two... Read more »

Bulls-Pacers: I've seen enough

The Indiana Pacers have played the Chicago Bulls hard.  Sometimes they’ve also played the Bulls dirty.  The result is that, while the Bulls hold a 3-1 lead in the series, all the games have been close and have come down to the final few possessions.   Pacers’ forward Danny Granger has received some well-deserved national attention... Read more »

Bulls should be better in Game 4

“The Pacers are a much better team then their record/people think.” Repeat. Sure it’s debatable that Indiana is playing better then say Philly, New York, Atlanta..? Still I mean you’re talking about a team  with a novice, post firing replacement coach, and only one all-star at best in Granger. Stars are always subjective, but many have... Read more »

Raising James

I didn’t want to write about James Johnson.  Not yet.  Doug’s already given his take and really, the Bulls won’t know what they have in him until at least Christmas.  But then, in my first taste of the watered-down wine that is the NBA preseason, he went and did this: So even though it’s entirely... Read more »

More Lee to the Bulls rumors

From the New York Daily News: The Knicks were hoping to get Robinson and David Lee signed at the same time and that is still a possibility if Lee is willing to agree to a one-year deal worth between $7 and $8 million. If Lee isn’t signed, the Knicks will try to work out and... Read more »

For better or worse, your 2009/10 Chicago Bulls

With Andre Miller officially signing with the trailblazers and Aaron Gray’s qualifying offer now guaranteed, it appears the Chicago Bulls are done for the summer with roster moves. Miller’s signing ends the Blazers possible pursuit of Kirk Hinrich which ends our ability to save Utah significant money in a Boozer trade. Aaron gray will be... Read more »

How will the Bulls handle the rotation?

The Bulls seem to have a crowded roster rotation entering the season.   They’re especially jammed at the three, and they’ll be forcing Hinrich to play as a two for most of his minutes.   How they manage that rotation while still developing James Johnson will factor greatly in how successful the team can be this season.... Read more »

Where is the bar set for next season?

Those who know Fred Pfeiffer, know he’s in a very dark place right now.   The police have been notified and are on suicide watch now that Ben Gordon is officially gone.   We were speaking recently about the Bulls season next year and whether the loss of Gordon would cause them to take a... Read more »