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Stan Van Gundy rips into the Bulls

Well if Reinsdorf holds a grudge against Jeff for what his brother says, then you can cross one name off the Bulls head coaching list.  “I was shocked by the coaching change,” Van Gundy told after the Magic’s shootaround on Monday morning. “I thought Vinny did a great, great job developing the young guys,... Read more »

What's Next? The View From 23 Games In

Lovie Smith meets Vinny in a Chicago Bar:Vinny: I’m dying out here.  You at least got to lose a Super Bowl.  I’m not even going to make it to my second year.  Throw me a bone-give me something, anything? Lovie:  When you talk to the media, divide the season up into 4 quarters.  People get... Read more »

Does management need to go too?

Some people will say I’m over thinking this one.   You can grade management by simply looking at the record.   If it’s good, they get good scores, if it’s bad, they get bad scores.  That assumes that every team goes into every season with a similar chance to win though.   I don’t agree... Read more »