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Rose buys into Giordanos, Scal says no thanks, and the return part 2

With not much going on, here's an update of the latest Bulls happenings [or non happenings] from Friday onward...

Bulls dominate Pistons while Scalabrine love continues to unnerve me

Well I didn't think this game would take a whole lot of analysis. The Pistons are one of the many terrible teams in the NBA. Has the NBA become more top heavy or does it feel that way because we're at the top now...

A Bulls overview for the Bears fan looking for a bandwagon

I was debating with a friend of me, is it more painful to lose in the superbowl or more painful to lose to the Packers in the NFC title game?   I’m not sure of the answer to that question, but I do know that it’s no fun to Be a Bears fan right now. Now... Read more »

Bulls skate by on the road again

The Bulls haven’t lost any road games to crappy teams, but they sure have made a few of them interesting.   The Bulls had opportunities to put this game away, they started the fourth quarter with an 11 point lead, and you figured the game was over, but then Tracy McGrady happened. I wasn’t a... Read more »

Bulls thrash 76ers as Thomas proves I'm a moron

I ripped on Kurt Thomas, I said he was done, but Kurt Thomas gets the game ball for this win as much as anyone gets a game ball in a rout this large.   When the game was still in doubt (like 2 minutes into it), Kurt Thomas made play after play.   He had... Read more »

Kurt Thomas, Brian Scalabrine, or James Johnson?

Tom Thibodeau uttered a phrase that scares the hell out of me. “We were searching,” Thibodeau said. “I was confident in Kurt’s low post defense. We wanted to give Griffin a different look. He was having his way with us. We were so flat. We were looking for any kind of spark. I thought Kirk... Read more »

Look for Noah's replacement on the roster

Joakim Noah will miss the next 30 or so games recovering from surgery and with the loss, Bulls fans immediately start digging for replacements and discussing trades.   Replacements simply aren’t going to be found outside of the existing roster though.   Most teams play no more than a nine man rotation with four to six... Read more »

Bulls fans have a lot to be thankful for

The Bulls are 8-5 through one of the top toughest stretches of the year in terms of schedule, and the fourth most difficult schedule of the season (per sagarin).  First, let’s all give thanks for the improvement of Derrick Rose.   When we drafted Rose, I felt that it would take him three years to come... Read more »

Bulls at Lakers 9:30 on CSN - Taj officially questionable but unlikely to play

Of all the games on the circus trip, this is the one that looks like the sure loss.   The game where the Bulls would simply be overmatched, and Taj Gibson, after seeking medical advise, said it’s a strong possibility he’d miss the game. Without Boozer and Gibson, the Bulls will face a particularly difficult... Read more »

More foot issues for Taj Gibson

Per KC Johnson: LOS ANGELES — Taj Gibson didn’t practice Sunday after suffering what he called a pinched nerve in his right foot. Gibson suffered the injury during slide drills at the start of practice and limped out of Staples Center. “It’s real sore,” Gibson said. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to play... Read more »