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Derrick Rose plays the superstar, Boozers proves his worth in Bulls OT win

Okay, the game should have never gone to OT.   Derrick Rose couldn’t get a single foul call despite 17 shot attempts from inside the paint.    Carlos Boozer shot 7/10 from the line, but 3/6 at the end of the fourth quarter.   The Rockets went on a three point shooting binge at the... Read more »

Bulls @ Rockets 7:30 on CSN

The Chicago Bulls roll into Houston to face a Rockets team with more injury issues than us.   Yao Ming and Aaron Brooks will miss the game for certain while Chase Budinger is questionable.   The Bulls may be missing Kyle Korver, who is listed as questionable after having an MRI on his knee to check out... Read more »

Best of the Bulls [post Jordan edition]

So I brought you the bust-a-bulls earlier, but what’s the best of the best of the Bulls look like from the past dozens seasons? In sportscenter style, not appearing on this list?   Ben Wallace – 06/07, I thought you were a waste then even if the fruits of your disruptive, negative energy didn’t fully show... Read more »

The backup plans

With Wade/Bosh going to Miami, and LeBron letting us know about his fate tomorrow evening, it’s time to start discussing the very real possibility of needing a plan B.  So far, it appears that no superteam is going to form out of free agency.   It’s possible that LeBron joins Bosh/Wade, but barring that, the East... Read more »

Brad Miller's choices narrowed down to Houston or Chicago

I always find it interesting when I hear stuff like this, because I have a hard time believing it won’t ultimately come down to money, but here we go. According to sources close to me, Brad Miller is deciding between Houston and Chicago to extend his career. He expects to get a multi-year contract at... Read more »

Chicago Bulls vs Memphis Grizzlies 7:00 on CSN

Edit K.C. Johnson may have ruined my rant: That represents the Bulls’ top four scorers sitting out. The Bulls, who will start Jannero Pargo, Flip Murray, James Johnson, Taj Gibson and Brad Miller, have lost seven straight. Looks like this may have been incorrect reporting on the part of ESPN, a change in plans for... Read more »

Hinrich suspended one game; Reffing crew gets to keep working

Kirk Hinrich was suspended one game for bumping a ref.  Kirk Hinrich has been suspended for one game after bumping into referee Bennie Adams Friday night when he was ejected with his second technical foul. Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations, announced Saturday that Hinrich will serve his suspension on Tuesday, when the... Read more »

K.C. Johnson: Bulls have talked about Tracy McGrady

K.C. Johnson reports that the Bulls have talked about Tracy McGrady: T-Mac time? The Rockets granted Tracy McGrady an indefinite leave as they work to trade the disgruntled guard and his expiring $23.2 million contract. McGrady is scheduled to make Chicago his home base as he trains with Tim Grover. Mike McGraw seems to back... Read more »

Tracy McGrady wants out, welcome to Chicago [I hope, sort of]

McGrady wants out; waiting to be traded per yahoo sports: A source with knowledge of Monday’s talks said the Rockets would have allowed McGrady to stay, but the guard thought he’d be too much of a distraction to the team. McGrady is making a league-high $23 million in the final year of his contract, and... Read more »

Where do the Bulls stand today?

At the beginning of the season I predicted 45 wins for the Bulls if they could stay entirely healthy.  I noted that even one injury could have fairly disastrous effects on the team, and we’ve seen two injuries dismantle it entirely.   That prediction was based on a few premsies. Derrick Rose would improve considerably.  ... Read more »