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Book Review: Blood on the Horns

After a week off from book reviews, I’m back after reading Blood on the Horns by Roland Lazenby.  Before even getting to the extended review, let me just say, if you haven’t read this book and you are a Bulls fan from the Jordan era, stop reading this review and go get it.   Those... Read more »

Book Review: The Assist: Hoops, Hope, and the Game of Their Lives

The Assist the story of Charleston High School coach Jack O’Brien and his quest to save kids from street life through basketball.   Charleston resides in Boston, a school filled primarily with ghetto kids struggling with the typical problems you’d expect, violence, drugs, street life, etc..  The first half of the book is magnificent as... Read more »

Book Review: Second Coming by Sam Smith

Sam’s most remembered for the incredible book “the Jordan Rules”, but he wrote a second book detailing Jordan’s comeback from baseball into basketball.   After reading it, you get the feeling he really wished he had waited another year or two to write it. The book only covers the 94/95 season in which the Bulls were... Read more »

Book Review: The Big O

This week’s book on the train was the autobiography of Oscar Robertson.   Robertson has always been one of the players who’s most intrigued me.   His stats are legendary making me wonder if he was significantly underrated as a player.   If you ask Oscar, the answer is yes. It’s interesting reading this book, Bob Love’s book,... Read more »

Book Review: Butterbean - When Glory Is Just A Whisper

After reading a bunch of basketball books not related to the Bulls, I picked up a copy of Butterbeatn – When Glory Is Just A Whisper from the library to read this week.   The book chronicles the story of Bob Love, perhaps the third best player in franchise history. I went into this book knowing... Read more »

Book review: Multiple offense and defense by Dean Smith

This book grabbed my eye in the library while I was looking for something to read.  I typically have a list of books I like to go through based on recommendations, ratings, and interest level, but this one just came out of the blue onto my radar. The book spends a good time dealing... Read more »

When Nothing Else Matters Book Review

The weekends are a slow time for Bulls news, and since I’m reading a basketball book per week on the train, I figured it’d be a good time to share some book reviews that would interest Bulls fans. Up this week is When Nothing Else Matters by Michael Leahy. First, anyone who read this book... Read more »