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Former Bulls leap to the defense of franchise

Former Bulls leap to the defense of franchise
After Dwyane Wade spouted off his insanity about the Bulls organization lacking loyalty, ex-Bulls from all over the place have leaped to defend it. Phil Jackson: “(Wade) made a statement about the Bulls not being loyal,” Jackson told NBA Fanhouse. “However, he forgot there are about six or seven people there still with the Bulls... Read more »

If you had a golden ticket for the basketball HOF

Make no mistake, to get into the basketball fame as a player you’ll need a golden ticket.  The joke of all hall of fames, lines its walls almost entirely coaches and contributors rather than players.  So given that ticket, and forced to use it on a one-time member of the Chicago Bulls organization (in any... Read more »

Top five Bulls Jerseys for the die hard fan

Looking through my closet today, I found some old jersey’s collecting dust.   Hanging in my closet are a Tyson Chandler, Kirk Hinrich, and Jamal Crawford jerseys as well as an autographed Marcus Fizer shooting shirt.  Recently removed was a Ben Gordon jersey I gave away this summer.   This made me reflect on what the perfect... Read more »

Book Review: Butterbean - When Glory Is Just A Whisper

After reading a bunch of basketball books not related to the Bulls, I picked up a copy of Butterbeatn – When Glory Is Just A Whisper from the library to read this week.   The book chronicles the story of Bob Love, perhaps the third best player in franchise history. I went into this book knowing... Read more »