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Blogabull brings us the four factors

A nice comparison of the Bulls vs the Cavs using the four factors matched up against each other can be found here.   The key reason as to why the Bulls have little hope is here: Now, the bad news…and that means we have to look at Bulls offensive (pun) statistics.    Eff eFG TO% OREB%... Read more »

Blog-a-Bull's thoughts on the Bulls quest to break even

Per Read the whole article, but here’s the conclusion: This year our only positive has been that we seem to really beat up the worst teams. Our net point differential and winning margins against better teams, however, seem quite a bit worse. We used to beat other average teams, now we lose to them... Read more »

Blogabull: Everything going according to plan

Plenty more at the link as this is just one of the conclusionary paragraphs: But team improvement wasn’t necessary in this grand franchise plan. In fact, the plan is not really a plan at all: it’s to be lucky. The Bulls may be positioning (and not there yet, depending on some cap variables) to acquire... Read more »

Jordan HOF talk (or lack thereof) at Blogabull

Matt discusses his lack of interest (so to speak) in Jordan HOF talk: But, as weird as it may sound coming from as much of a Bulls fan I am, it doesn’t really translate into being a huge Michael Jordan fan. If I was a hardcore follower back when the Dynasty Bulls were getting good... Read more »

What to do with Tyrus Thomas?

Matt, from Blogabull, wrote a piece on Tyrus Thomas, his odds of breaking out, and what the franchise is set to do with him.   One particular statement struck me with great interest, and while I agree with most of Matt’s point from a high level, it sent my thoughts spiraling down a different path. But... Read more »