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Morning after: Draft thoughts and the new makeup of the Chicago Bulls

After a night to sleep on a relatively boring draft, I’ve come up with the key questions relating to the Bulls going forward, and how our draft effects the rest of our summer.  First, James Johnson is still a stud, relatively speaking, and I’m happy we drafted him.   Taj Gibson, after looking up his profile,... Read more »

Showdown workout doomed Blair? Mullens?

The Bulls brought in Dejuan Blair and B.J. Mullens for a second workout right before the end of the draft, and it was shortly after this workout that the Bulls decided to take Taj Gibson according to my sources.   It seems like the Bulls may have passed on Blair based on talent and not knee... Read more »

Chicago Bulls take Taj Gibson at #26

With DeJuan Blair on the board, the Chicago Bulls select Taj Gibson disappointing most Bulls fans.   While Blair’s knee issues where a challenge, it’s surprising to pass him here.   Gibson isn’t a player I scouted, so I don’t have an in depth view of him. This pick looks like a promise pick though as... Read more »

Blair and Clark coming in for a workout

Sources told me that Dejaun Blair and Earl Clark among others unknown players (not meant to imply good or bad just unknown) are coming in for a workout with the Bulls sometime next week.  This workout could not only determine whether the Bulls try to move up, but whom they move up for.