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The Bust-a-Bulls

Stole the idea from realgm, but it got me to thinking, what’s the worst team you can put together for the Chicago Bulls?   Rules, your total team salary must equal at least 60 million.   You must have a combined total of at least 410 starts on the roster.  Every player must played in at least... Read more »

Chicago Bulls @ Detroit Pistons, 2:00 PM CSN-Chicago

For the second time this season, the Bulls will go up against former Bull Ben Gordon and his Detroit Pistons. The Bulls won the first game at the United Center, and will look to hand Detroit their ninth straight loss. Something that has not happened since 1993. Derrick Rose had a brilliant game against the... Read more »

Chicago Bulls vs Detroit Pistons, 7:00 PM CSN-Chicago

In 2004, the Bulls used their third overall pick in the draft to select Ben Gordon from Connecticut. Fast forward to 2009, and Ben Gordon has become the Bulls’ all-time leading three-point shooter and scored a total of 7,372 points. His 18.6 point average is still the highest scoring average from anyone in the entire... Read more »

Top 5 favorite and most hated post dynasty Bulls

So I was thinking about all the great and terrible moments post dynasty and being a man, that means lists were formed.   I had my top moments post earlier, but I was thinking of my top five favorite and bottom five Bulls post dynasty.   Given that the love for a player can rise and fall... Read more »

The "Haves" still spending

Hoopsworld wrote up an article about teams which are still raking in big revenue and notes that they’re still spending money.    Sort of an odd conclusion that they drew in this one, given that only one of the five teams they list as “haves” really spent money.   Here’s what they have to say about the... Read more »