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Does the Bulls front office hang on to assets too long?

The NBA can be a world of buy low and sell high. One of the tricky things about running a team is knowing when to cut bait with a player and when to hang on to one. Some guys can be effective into their mid to late 30s while other guys lose value in their late 20s. Some players just have a lucky season while other guys whom look like they're having a lucky season develop into stars. How has Chicago done with asset management...

Does Pau Gasol make sense for Chicago?

Does Pau Gasol make sense for Chicago?
Sam Smith noted in his column a couple of days ago that Pau Gasol would love to play for the Bulls and that the Lakers star center doesn't get along with Kobe Bryant at all. The Lakers would likely consider moving Gasol due to contract and overlapped value with Bynum alone, but chemistry issues may force their hand even more...

Bulls at Pistons 6:30pm on CSN

Will the Chicago Bulls take Ben Gordon in the post? I kind of doubt we'll see that more than once or twice. However, assuming Richard Hamilton plays, the Bulls will have the tall side of the Rip vs Gordon matchup for the first time...

The Bulls all-in win a championship plan

The Bulls were just shy of winning their seventh title last year, falling to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Jerry Reinsdorf has claimed to be willing to pay the luxury tax in order to win a championship. If that's true, here's just how he should do it...

Bulls come back on Pistons to chants of MVP

First, let’s not get overly excited about this win.  The Detroit Pistons are terrible, and they were beating us by 19 at the half and had a 21 point lead early in the third.    Ben Gordon did most of the first half damage with 21 at the half, but finished on the same number... Read more »

Chicago Bulls vs Detroit Pistons 7pm on CSN

Is it too early to call game 2 a “must win” for the Bull?  How can a game 2 every really be a must win?    I suppose after the 04/05 team started 0-9 and finished 47-35, there are no real must wins this early, but this one comes as close to qualifying for it as... Read more »

Best of the Bulls [post Jordan edition]

So I brought you the bust-a-bulls earlier, but what’s the best of the best of the Bulls look like from the past dozens seasons? In sportscenter style, not appearing on this list?   Ben Wallace – 06/07, I thought you were a waste then even if the fruits of your disruptive, negative energy didn’t fully show... Read more »

What if the Bulls could take back Hinrich or Gordon? You in?

What if the Bulls could take back Hinrich or Gordon?  You in?
Let’s say for the sake of argument the Bulls had the opportunity to bring back either Hinrich or Gordon on their existing deals by using their cap space.   If you bring back Hinrich the pick still does not come with him.  Sure there’s a million reasons why neither thing could happen, but for the sake... Read more »

Were the Ben Gordon haters right all along?

Reading this blog, you know I’m a Ben Gordon fan.    I’ve thought the Bulls made a huge mistake in not signing him to the 6 year 54 million dollar extension two seasons ago which would have locked him in to a 9 million dollar a year contract.   A contract I considered a value.... Read more »

Bulls crush hapless Pistons; let's talk some Ben Gordon

After a three game losing skid, it’s nice to get a couple of laughers, and the Bulls have delivered their first two real blow outs in consecutive nights.   Sure the Pistons were without Prince, and Ben Gordon could only go a few minutes due to an injury suffered a night ago, but a win... Read more »