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Chicago Bulls doing second workout with Dejuan Blair, B.J. Mullens, and James Johnson

According to Chad Ford’s latest mock draft notes, the Bulls a last minute workout with three big men prospects expected to be available around the 13-18 range. DeJuan Blair, James Johnson and B.J. Mullens are in callbacks in Chicago. This workout could easily help decide the Bulls pick at #16 or whether they want to... Read more »

B.J. Mullens to Detroit and not Chicago?

Earlier there were reports that B.J. Mullens had a promise to go to the Chicago Bulls.   Now nbadraft.net is reporting that the promise is from the Pistons. Two different sources have indicated to NBADraft.net on Friday that the Pistons have a promise in place to take BJ Mullens if he’s available to the them... Read more »

KC Johnson says no promise for Mullens

Fresh off the rumors that B.J. Mullens tweeted that he had a promise from the Bulls at #16, KC Johnson is reporting that there is no such promise. Tweet this: Ohio State center B.J. Mullens told Charlotte reporters following his Monday workout for the Bobcats that the Pistons and Bulls have expressed the most interest... Read more »

Did the Chicago Bulls give B.J. Mullens a guarantee?

Personally, I find this to be unlikely, but the following image is floating around the internet from mullens32’s twitter profile.   The account is request only, so I’ve been unable to verify whether the update is legitimate or not.   Also, there’s no way to tell if it’s the real B.J. Mullens or some random... Read more »

B.J. Mullens - Draft Capsule

BJ Mullens Freshman, Ohio StateNBA Position: CH: 7’0, W: 260, Age: 20 Perhaps the most intriguing prospect in the draft when it comes to risk vs reward, Mullens will need to answer questions about work ethic, love of the game, and a mediocre freshman season.    However, if he can convince a team that he passes... Read more »