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Hinrich could be sidelined "awhile"

Per KC Johnson On the one hand, an MRI revealed the injured ligament remains attached to the bone, unlike last season when Hinrich tore the ulnar collateral ligament in his right thumb and missed 31 games after surgery. On the other, Hinrich is visiting a specialist Monday, five full days after suffering the injury at... Read more »

If Kirk Hinrich is out..

Do you bring in Iverson?    I’ve been fairly steadfast in my view that you can’t bring in Iverson, but if Hinrich were to have a serious thumb injury like last year then it would have to be on the table. Quite simply, the Bulls can’t go forward with a four guard rotation of Derrick... Read more »

Iverson to be waived; Bulls won't get him [nor should they]

Per Yahoo Sports: “Let’s be serious.” general manager Chris Wallace said in a statement. “We signed Iverson to boost some ticket sales and had no hope of him realistically contributing to this team in a positive fashion.”.    “Well, no one else in the league was going to sign me”, Iverson replied “and I figured they... Read more »