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Could new all-star Luol Deng get a raise? Plus the Bulls will destroy Bobcats 6pm on CSN

The Chicago Bulls will stroll into Charlotte to play the hapless Bobcats, who will certainly finish bad enough to keep their draft pick for at least one more season. Meanwhile, the big news in Chicago is Luol Deng gets his first all-star nod...

Derrick Rose must be the MVP because he's the only Bulls all-star

The Boston Celtics have four all-stars.  They’re on pace for 63 wins. The Miami Heat have three all-stars.  They’re on pace for 58 wins. The Atlanta Hawks have two all-stars.  They’re on pace for 52 wins. The Bulls?   They have only one all-star, and they’re also on pace for 58 wins.  I guess our star... Read more »

Rose makes all-star team according to leaks!

Per Yahoo Sports: Point guards Deron Williams of Utah, Chicago’s Derrick Rose and Boston’s Rajon Rondo will make their All-Star Game debuts next month in Dallas, sources said Thursday. Williams, Rondo and Rose top the list of reserves chosen by the league’s coaches to participate in the Feb. 14 game at Cowboys Stadium. The names... Read more »

Reserve All-Star Ballots due today; Did Rose do enough?

Per ESPN on Jan 22nd (so Tuesday refers to today): The starters for the 59th NBA All-Star Game were revealed Thursday night. The reserves in each conference will be unveiled next Thursday. The gap is bridged here with our own annual selections — just like the coaches do it — to fill the seven open... Read more »

Does Derrick Rose deserve to be an all-star?

Surprisingly, yes.   Yes he does.    I decided to write in an article on this topic and going into it I thought there’s no way Rose deserves to be an all-star.   You figure you just watch a guy and if someone says all-star?   You can immediately say “yes” or “no”, and my response to that was... Read more »

Is Noah a legit all-star candidate?

A lot has been made about Joakim Noah being left off the all-star ballot.   Clearly, Noah wasn’t going to be voted in by fans regardless of his place on the ballot.   Shaq could be out for the season and draw more votes than any centers in the league this side of Yao Ming... Read more »