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Tyrus for Harrington and more info on Bosh

Per rumorpress.net: If a Tyrus to Rockets deal falls through, the Bulls will likely trade him to the Knicks for Al Harrington.  This would be a move, again, to add more scoring punch with the loss of Salmons.  If for some reason the Knicks change their mind on trading Harrington or if he is packaged... Read more »

Bulls renew talks with Knicks about Tyrus for Al Harrington

Per KC Johnson: League sources said the Bulls and Knicks have renewed talks that stalled in early December on a Tyrus Thomas for Al Harrington swap. Other Bulls’ salaries would need to be included to make the trade work. The Bulls continue to shop Thomas aggressively, including as part of larger deals involving John Salmons... Read more »

Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks, 7:00 PM CSN-Chicago

The New York Knicks square off against the Chicago Bulls tonight. Chicago is coming off a tough loss to the defending Champions Lakers. The Bulls fought hard throughout, but came up short due to the 42 point performance from Kobe Bryant. Bulls center Joakim Noah ripped down 20 rebounds and swatted six shots, while primarily... Read more »

Rich Bucher: Tyrus for Harrington not being discussed

From his twitter account: “On Al Harrington for Jerome James/Ty Thomas rumor: talked to sources w/both teams. Told that it is not being discussed.” Well, who knows, I’m not going to be up in arms either way about this one.  It does make some sense for the Bulls to wait until the trade deadline on... Read more »

More Tyrus to New York stuff from KC

Per KC Johnson: The Knicks are trying to keep Harrington and make the deal work with other players, the league source said. The Bulls long have admired Harrington’s game. And trading Thomas would preclude the Bulls from making the decision of whether or not to place an approximately $13 million salary cap hold on his services... Read more »

Tyrus Thomas for Al Harrington discussed?

According to Yahoo! Sports feature writer Adrian Wojnarowski, the Chicao Bulls and New York Knicks are actively engaging in trade conversation. The players thought to be switching uniforms are Al Harrington, Tyrus Thomas and Jerome James. multiple league executives believe the Chicago Bulls’ shopping of forward Tyrus Thomas could result with him moving sooner than... Read more »