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Rose discusses why Thibodeau rocks and VDN doesn't

Per KC Johnson: “We used to go into games where we were like, ‘Man, how are you going to win this game?’ ” Rose said. “But now, we go into games, we know what to do. If we’re messing up we can change it right when we’re playing. “We don’t have to look at film... Read more »

Chicago Bulls vs New Jersey Nets @ 2pm on WGN

For whatever reason, the Bulls actually had a hard time against the Nets last season.  They were the only team in the NBA who lost the season series to the Nets.   As such, the Bulls shouldn’t take the Nets lightly (not that they should take anyone lightly). I’d hope that a little revenge factor... Read more »

Bulls look like a 55 win team [schedule analysis part 2]

This Bulls team has been winning some ugly games.  Games where they haven’t particularly played well.  Games they could have possibly lost, but games they’ve largely ended up winning. They performed well without Carlos Boozer to open the season, and they’re accumulating wins so far without Joakim Noah.   There are times we want more, pretty... Read more »

Moral losses are a lot better than moral victories

So the Bulls aren’t playing great basketball lately.    Derrick Rose wasn’t able to attack the basket at his usual rate, the Bulls completely failed to box out and defend the glass.  In the first quarter, 10 of the first 12 Bucks points came off of offensive rebounds (it may have been worse, but I... Read more »

Bulls vs Bucks at 7pm on CSN+

How are the Bulls fairing without Joakim Noah?   They’ve won three of five, but his absence hurts the energy, defense, and rebounding considerably.   With Noah the Bulls may have won all five, and almost certainly would have beaten the Clippers whom they lost to by one point and missed his inside presence considerably. The Bucks... Read more »

Latest Bulls trade rumors

Per The Bulls and Bobcats have discussed an 8 player deal that would send Stephen Jackson to the Bulls and James Johnson and Taj Gibson as the key players heading to Charlotte. The Bulls want to keep Taj, but seem willing to pull the trigger if they can’t get OJ Mayo or JR Smith... Read more »

Bulls skate by on the road again

The Bulls haven’t lost any road games to crappy teams, but they sure have made a few of them interesting.   The Bulls had opportunities to put this game away, they started the fourth quarter with an 11 point lead, and you figured the game was over, but then Tracy McGrady happened. I wasn’t a... Read more »

Bulls Beat #171 - No trade coming

Bulls Beat #171 – No trade coming A discussion of why the Bulls are unlikely to make a trade despite their need at shooting guard as well as a quick overview of the recent games and look ahead at the games coming up. [edit – Meant Anthony Parker, not Anthony Johnson though it’s ironic that... Read more »

Bulls at Pistons at 5pm on CSN

The Chicago Bulls come off a tough loss to the Knicks, a game they basically sleepwalked through and played poorly.   They now get to unwrap their real Christmas gift, a game against the Detroit Pistons.  It’s a road game on a back to back, so never take a game like that too lightly, but... Read more »

Bulls active in trade talks

Per Chris Mannix (SI): Team execs say two teams are most active right now: Orlando (looking for size) and Chicago (scoring guard). Well, unsurprisingly, the Bulls are aware of the same problem fans have been griping about all season long.   However, I don’t expect a considerable upgrade to come through.   The primary problem is simply... Read more »