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Does your view of management change if LeBron comes?

One of the things I’ve yet to see discussed in all the LeBron to Chicago delirium is GarPaxDorf getting any credit for putting the Bulls in this position..  For all the talk of the Bulls not ever landing a free agent, and for their ineffectiveness and in ability to take the team to the next... Read more »

The case for Dirk Nowitzki

We’ve often viewed the summer of 2010 as the year of the big three: Lebron, Wade, and Bosh.   There’s a valuable second tier of guys like Boozer, Amare, Johnson, and Lee whom we’d all like to add but fear will be overpaid.   It begs the question, where exactly does Dirk Nowitzki fit in? Dirk’s age,... Read more »

Thunder not a threat to get Bosh

Per Ric Bucher’s twitter: And in case it comes up again: Bosh-to-OKC has zero chance of happening for more reasons than I can list in 140 characters. I know the guy gets crap for “Kobe will never play for the Lakers again”, but Kobe Bryant told him that, so how can you blame the guy... Read more »

The fate of free agency may be decided on the court

Amidst these NBA playoffs, the 2010 FA class may be decided.   This is why I felt it was so important for the Bulls to be in these playoffs.  While some disagreed with me, and may still disagree with me, the momentum the Bulls get by performing in these playoffs makes a huge difference in convincing... Read more »

What to expect for 2010 free agency?

So the off-season begins in earnest, and we’re left wondering what to expect from the Bulls when July 1st hits.   Let me throw this situation out there.   LeBron stays in Cleveland which seems more likely than not.   Here’s my quick list:LeBron -> Cleveland (if they win the title, otherwise, all’s fair)Wade -> MiamiBosh ->... Read more »

Bosh's final media interview

There will probably be some quotes and articles coming up later, but listening to it I came away with the following impressions: You could read his overall comments as anywhere from not having made up his mind to he’s definitely leaving.  He was pretty guarded about saying anything that would imply he knows he’s leaving,... Read more »

KC Johnson has made me sad

No, not because he didn’t report a story.   How that’s an issue is beyond me.  Sam Smith sat on so many Michael Jordan stories that he was able to write two books about them, and you’re telling me that KC sitting on a story about a coach who’s absolutely being fired at the end of... Read more »

Getting Offensive: Part Two (The Offseason)

Yesterday I wrote about The Bulls’ current offensive woes.  This post is about how to fix them going forward.  Personnel-wise, the Bulls are missing 3 key elements: 1.  A new Kirk Hinrich (i.e. a secondary distributor to pair with Rose)2.  A pick and roll partner for Derrick Rose3.  Outside shooters Ranking these elements in terms... Read more »

Getting Offensive: Part One (2009-2010)

With the Bulls fighting hard for that final playoff spot, it feels a little mean to write what feels like a season wrap-up post.  But that max capspace is burning a hole in my pocket, spring is in the air, and the birds outside are chirping “Amare! Bosh! David Lee!” This year’s Bulls are currently... Read more »

Will the Bulls overpay a FA?

Let’s say the natural max guys are off the table [and honestly, Bosh is pushing it to be included in that group, but with the number of bidders he will absolutely get the max].   The Bulls are left staring at Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer, and David Lee.   There are a slew... Read more »