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2010 NBA Draft Review

Well as expected, the Bulls trade away their pick, but it was a good trade to set up ourselves for cap space to make a big splash and set up another dynasty.  The only thing I was disappointed was not to see a move to buy a second round pick and draft a role player... Read more »

Bulls draft options

With Free Agency looming, and the draft being one of the deepest drafts that I know of it should be interesting to see what the Bulls do.  I know they need to clear space to get two big-free agents, but the Bulls also need  young, cheap good players.  In this draft they should at least... Read more »

2nd Round Steals

Every year, there seems to be two or three second round picks that seem to end up becoming solid players in the NBA for a long time.  This year, this draft is one of the deepest drafts in terms of solid players that provide a unique skills that should translate for a few years.  Below... Read more »

John Wall draft profile

John Wall (Kentucky)6’4, PG, 195 lbs. Wall’s sensational speed and court awareness made him the number one freshman coming into college this season and one of the top recruits of the decade.  He has the goods to be a great one at the next level. Speed is the name of the game in the NBA... Read more »

Evan Turner draft profile

Evan Turner (Ohio State)6’7, 215 lbs, PG/SG/SF The best player in college last season, Turner should not disappoint in the pros.  He provides versatility as he can play point guard, shooting guard, or small forward, but will play small forward best in the pros.  A two-way player with a high skill level, he exhibits skills... Read more »

Derrick Favors draft profile

Derrick Favors (Georgia Tech)6’10, 245 lbs., PF The second most talented player in the draft and the second ranked player coming into college, Favors didn’t reach expectations this season, but did have a solid freshman campaign.  As the season progressed, it became evident that Favors was blending in well, and became a force defensively.  Offensively,... Read more »

DeMarcus Cousins draft profile

DeMarcus Cousins (Kentucky)6’11, 290 lbs., C The second most talented player in the draft, Cousins stock shifts depending on how the questions around his attitude and desire are answered by teams.  Cousins was in check all season for Kentucky and showed dominance; especially during the 2nd half of the season.  One thing that always lingers... Read more »

Al-Farouq Aminu draft profile

Al-Farouq Aminu (Wake Forest)6’9, 220 lbs., PF/SF A gifted athlete who’s raw, but versatile, Aminu should have a long successful NBA career. He came into Wake Forest as one of the most heralded freshman and showed flashes of brilliance throughout school.  While versatile Aminu will make his living as an elite defender. Aminu’s offensive game... Read more »

Ed Davis draft profile

Ed Davis (North Carolina)6’10, 230 lbs., PF A gifted athlete with a long wing span, Davis came to North Carolina as a heralded freshman and learned as playing the backup behind Tyler Hansbrough and Deon Thompson during the championship year.  Even though injured for most of this year, Davis showed flashes of brilliance in spurts.... Read more »

Cole Aldrich draft profile

Cole Aldrich (Kansas)6’11, 240 lbs., C Aldrich came in as a unique, but raw big man to Kansas.  As a freshman, Aldrich showed poise, solid athleticism, shot blocking, and rebounding.  As a sophomore, he dominated the paint defensively with using his long wingspan to block shots.  Also, while unorthodox in his motion, he showed a... Read more »