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Bulls present salary cap situation

I’m sure someone has a better list compiled, but I haven’t seen it yet, so until I do, here’s some rough cap numbers on the flexibility the Bulls have left and what they might do with it. If the Bulls want to use the rest of their cap space this off-season, their present salary information... Read more »

The Boston Alchemist

It’s easy to see the value of Ray Allen when he breaks a record for three pointers made in a single finals game, and ties in it the first half.  A true professional seemingly since the time he left UConn for the NBA, Jesus Shuttlesworth has earned his own place among the stars.  He is... Read more »

Hoopsworld tidbits on 2010 FA

Per Hoopsworld, Bosh is out, there’s no front runner for LeBron, Wade is staying, and Joe Johnson won’t get the max: Sources who spent time this month with Chris Bosh on the West Coast say Bosh has decided that he will not be returning to Toronto. That’s not necessarily a shock, but the fact Bosh... Read more »

Finding the Next Nocioni

While the offseason hot stove revolves around the intentions of NBA giants, the Bulls may turn to foreign shores to fill out their roster this summer. Getty Images Off the bat, you should know this article is not based on any insider information or back channel rumblings coming from Greece.  I’ll leave that to Doug. ... Read more »

What to expect for 2010 free agency?

So the off-season begins in earnest, and we’re left wondering what to expect from the Bulls when July 1st hits.   Let me throw this situation out there.   LeBron stays in Cleveland which seems more likely than not.   Here’s my quick list:LeBron -> Cleveland (if they win the title, otherwise, all’s fair)Wade -> MiamiBosh ->... Read more »