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Derrick Rose posts youtube video updating his status

Derrick Rose posted an 18 minute youtube video updating his status and discussing various topics. Here's the cliff notes...

What can we glean from Nikola Mirotic interviews?

Mirotic’s Comments to Spanish Media Regarding His Contract Extension and Draft Selection

This is the second of four articles on Chicago Bulls 2011 draft pick Nikola Mirotić, who is quickly becoming one of the better basketball players in Europe. Today we'll reveal what Mirotic has been telling Spanish media about the selection.  ...

Kyle Korver - "I'm a wing player. SG, SF, I play both."

Kyle Korver didn’t take long to impress Bulls fans putting up 22 points in his pre-season debut for the team.  Korver’s impact exceeds his statistical output as well due to the spacing he adds to the floor for the other players.  He scored coming off back screens, catch and shoots, and even finding his way... Read more »

James Johnson - "I'm moving a lot better off the ball this year"

I caught up with James Johnson at media day, and if you didn’t listen to my podcast then let me say this about James Johnson.   He’s the one guy on the team who completely treats you like you’re just any friend he has.   He never big times you, is extremely friendly, actually wants to talk... Read more »

Luol Deng - "I can go back moving without the ball"

I caught up with Luol Deng in the midst of a scrum interview, so not all the questions below are mine.   However, Deng discussed this new teammates, the trade rumors, free agency, and his expectations of the team. Deng identified the obvious, that he was completely misused under Vinny Del Negro and can now... Read more »

Media Day Interview - Ronnie Brewer discusses the franchise

I caught up with Ronnie Brewer in the midst of a group interview, virtually all the questions were delivered by other reporters, but I still enjoyed the answers.   Ronnie struck me as very excited to be in Chicago, really outgoing, and happy to talk to you.   When the interview ended, it seemed like... Read more »

Media Day Interview - Brian Scalabrine dropping Thibodeau insights

Brian Scalabrine was the first man I saw in the interview room and he had quite a bit to say about Tom Thibodeau.  I interviewed him as part of a group, so not all of the questions are mine, but here’s Brian’s take on his role with the Bulls, whether he expects to make the... Read more »

Taj Gibson - I've been shooting threes

I caught up with Taj Gibson at media day, and in one of the most interesting answers to a question I got on the day, Taj Gibson said he’s working on becoming a stretch four.   While he said it’s still likely a year away, he’s been working hard on extending his range out to the... Read more »

John Salmons media day interview and impressions

I caught up with John Salmons at media day and discussed his recovery from the groin injury as well as his shift from SF to SG this season for the Bulls. Salmons is definitely a veteran player.   He was accommodating while answering questions, but he also gave the most succinct answer to the question possible... Read more »

Jannero Pargo media day interview and impressions

Jannero Pargo represents the sole free agent added to the team this year.   I caught up with him at media day to ask him about this return to the Chicago Bulls.  Pargo was great fun to talk to and one of the happier guys at media day.  I’ve always liked him due to some of... Read more »