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Last day to trade CJ / Brewer and my lengthy twitter responses

C.J. Watson and Ronnie Brewer's contracts need to be waived or guaranteed today. The expectation is that the Bulls will waive both players unless they're able to trade them while on CSN last night, Aggrey Sam noted the Bulls were back and forth on Asik, but were presently considering letting him go to Houston rather than matching...

Doug's mailbag, answers to your twitter questions

Since I’ve gotten a ton of questions on twitter in the past 24 hours, and tweeting isn’t always the best way to give an extended response. Here’s my thoughts on all of the free agency happenings and answers to your questions with extended detail. @bnreves Any chance Bulls could deal for Gasol in a salary... Read more »

Dwight Howard dominates the mail bag

Dwight Howard dominates the mail bag
Dwight Howard questions bombarded me over the weekend as KC Johnson reported the Bulls would pursue Howard despite not appearing on his list of teams that he would sign an extension with...

Ask Doug [via twitter] answers

I've been getting a ton of similar questions on twitter, so I will attempt to answer them all here...

Stacy King hip-hop superstar [this is AWESOME]

Created by one of our regular commentors, Justin, check this remix of Stacey King in his hip hop debut: My only goal now is to somehow get this to the attention of the Chicago Bulls PR department, because it’s SOOO awesome. Go and give this a 5 star rating on the youtube page here. Also,... Read more »

Derrick Rose named to 27 man national team roster

Per KC Johnson: Derrick Rose’s big week just got bigger. Already slated to defend his Skills Challenge title at All-Star weekend Saturday and make his first All-Star appearance Sunday, Rose learned he is one of 27 players named to USA Basketball’s national team roster for the 2010-12 commitment. Besides possibly playing in the 2010 world... Read more »

Ask Doug 10/26

Ask all your questions related to the Bulls, the upcoming season, or any other topic you care to get my opinion on below in the comment boxes.

Ask Doug 10/20 thread

Any more questions, comments, or open debate topics can be asked here in the comment section.

Ask Doug

I’ve started to do a pseudo mail-bag, instead of having you email me, you can ask questions in this free forum topic which I’ll answer (to the best of my ability) every day. Also, if you have (reasonable) questions you’re interested in finding out from players, you can place those here, and I’ll ask the... Read more »