Gar Forman's Plan Isn't Possible

Gar Forman's Plan Isn't Possible
Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune Bulls GM Gar Forman at the press conference to introduce Denzel Valentine on June 27, 2016.

Who's gonna tell him?

For some time now, Bulls' fans have been hearing the phrase "young and athletic" tossed around quite a bit. The mantra that's sweeping Chicagoland has become the butt of many jokes surrounding management and the front office of the franchise. It all sounds well and good, but the reality of the situation is that at this point it's not possible. The fans know it, the league knows it, and for some reason the guys in charge don't.

So much has been said about John Paxson and Gar Forman, the stubbornness, the inability to realize the current state of the team, and the failure to evaluate talent have all been harped on already. The areas in which this dynamic duo is lacking is many, and their strengths have all but been forgotten. Recently, fans have been calling for the ax. Then K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reported that both Forman and Paxson are expected to keep their jobs, even if the Bulls miss the playoffs. Take a look at this snippet from Johnson's report.

See that? That's the incompetence of the organization showing. The franchises that separate themselves from the rest are those that are able to look in the mirror. To be a able to evaluate the wellbeing of their team, top to bottom, and make the necessary moves. Not coast, not turn a blind eye, and sure as hell not be content with being average.  It's becoming more and more evident that the Reinsdorf family values loyalty over long term success, and that every year that they are satisfied with being average is another year of waiting to be great.
This blueprint to be competitive while acquiring young talent is easier said than done, and frankly, it's not realistic. With the inability to grab marquee free agents summer after summer, and to continuously have middle of the pack draft picks, the chances to cash in are slim. Even with a superstar player like Jimmy Butler in the mix, the window is closing. Chicago's lone all-star isn't getting any younger, and the lack of this "young talent" that Forman eludes to isn't currently present.
Young guns such as Michael Carter-Williams, Doug McDermott, Jerian Grant, Bobby Portis, and Nikola Mirotic haven't taken the necessary steps in order for this course of action to come to fruition. In order to get value, you need to have value, and none of those guys listed above with garner any type of return in a deal to put Chicago over the top. Not this year, not next year, and not the year after that either. This is harsh, but it's practical. It's the reality. Someone has to be able to hold Forman accountable, and evaluate his recent history.
The front office's continual signings of aging stars contradicts their master plan, and stunts the growth of their younger players. Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo for instance are prime examples of this. Wade, a future first ballot Hall of Famer, and possibly the third best shooting guard of all time fell into Chicago's lap this offseason. This move, while a great marketing plan waiting to happen, was the wrong one.

Via Spotrac

Via Spotrac

This drum is nearly broken, my hands hurt, and this plan is apparently in motion. For now, with Butler not available for trade, the Bulls currently sitting in the seventh spot in the East, and no considerable value to move--the plan that's currently happening is very much stagnant.

It's always about loyalty over on Madison Street, but that only gets you so far. When the pieces don't fit, and accountability is at a premium, winning doesn't happen. In Bullsland ignorance is bliss.

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  • 1. Despite Joe O saying there was "big news,"* "reports" that nothing is happening aren't news. As Brian Hedger pointed out, nothing will happen until the off season, anyhow.
    2. The days when half the team was traded at the deadline and only 6 players could suit up for the next 2 games seem over, but the issue isn't whether anyone has any trade value, but whether the players they have can be developed. Otherwise aim for the #1 pick, hope you don't mess the player up like Rose, and don't let the refs give you 2 games from Sacramento.
    3. Regardless of whether Gar is Theo and also has a plan, things in the organization are so messed up that "fans" should quit buying enough stuff (not just tickets, but jerseys, and any other official gear on the internet store) that Jerry's limited partners decide they can make more money by selling to someone who will install competent management. Steve Ballmer buying the Clippers seemed to improve the situation, compared to what Tolkowitz was doing.

    *Like on the Bears beat that they were bringing in another consultant, and Mully's fake news that Fangio was gone. There has to be an actual firing.

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