Bulls Beat Celtics 104-103, Extend TNT Streak

Bulls Beat Celtics 104-103, Extend TNT Streak
Alyssa Pointer / Chicago Tribune Bulls forward Jimmy Butler and Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas stand on the court during the second half.

It was a dark Thursday night in Chicago. The Celtics were in town, Dashing Donut won the Dunkin Donuts race, and the Bulls were playing on TNT.

The rest was history.

The Bulls went on to beat the visiting Celtics 104-103 to improve their record to 28-29 on the season. Heading into the All-Star break, Jimmy Butler and company were able to secure a victory in the waining seconds thanks to two Butler free throwsChicago now heads into the break scratching their heads, figuring out which moves to make before the February 23rd trade deadline. No matter what happens during the break, Bulls fans can rest easy knowing that the Bulls' TNT streak is save.

Oh, the #TNTBulls?

Let me fill you in. After Thursday night's victory, Chicago has now won 17 straight TNT home games. This phenomenon was first discovered by Fan Rag Sport's Jason Patt, and Bulls' fans around the globe are very thankful for his discovery.

This contest was pretty close throughout, the Celtics lead by Isaiah Thomas and Kelly Olynyk jumped out to an early 25-22 after the First Quarter.  Thomas was fantastic in this game, finishing with 29 points, 7 assists, and 3 rebounds in 34 minutes of action. He went toe-to-toe with Butler down the stretch, and it didn't disappoint.

The recently anointed Terry Rozier lead the C's early. He was able to stretch the floor, and he finished with 11 points, 3 assists, and 3 rebounds. Arkansas' very own Bobby Portis continued to play aggressive, and finished with 19 points of 8-of-13 shooting. If Chicago could get consistent production out of Portis--they would be in a much better place. It was somewhat of a shock to see BP get minutes over Nikola Mirotic, who was deemed eligible to play after dealing with back spasms over the last week. Nonetheless, the Bulls found themselves down six at the half.

Chicago controlled most of the 3rd, as Boston struggled to control the defensive glass. When the game ended the Bulls had absolutely destroyed Al Horford and the Celtics in the rebounding category. They out-rebounded the C's 51-31.

Leading up to this game, the Celtics and Bulls had both been linked to various trade rumors. But, the most controversial moment of this game came when Jimmy Butler had a chance to win the game for the Bulls in the 4th. Jimmy wound the clock down and attempted a jumper from the elbow--clank. Fortunately for Chicago, Marcus Smart grazed Butler's elbow on the release, and JB was able to seal the game with two free throws. Boston was not happy.

The Bulls can relax a little bit, as they hit the All-Star break. Their next game is Friday, February 24th in Phoenix.

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  • Weak call to win the game but the Bulls have been on the receiving end of a few bad calls that resulted in losses. Couldn't have happened against a better team as I find the Celtics to be punks.

    All this is moot as the important thing is what is going to happen before the trade deadline. Knowing GarPax, these last 2 wins will make them think all is fine and we'll see little if anything happening before the 23rd.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    Yeah I am expecting them to hold tight definitely don't see them dumping assets and doing a tank job not that they have all that far to go. I think there seats are the warmest they have ever been even though that its probably highly unlikely they get booted... But I can dream of a GarPax free Bulls FO!

    Missing playoffs a second year in a row after basically blaming Rose for team chemistry issues and then loading up on vets would look really really bad for them. It's always someone else's fault with these clowns.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I would love to see the Bulls organization justify everyone keeping their jobs if they were to fall out of the playoffs. I have been seeing a lot of empty seats in the United Center as of late.

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