Announcement: Bulls Confidential News

Announcement: Bulls Confidential News

Bulls Conf Faithful,

When I took over as the editor of Bulls Confidential in January, I was thrilled to be able to join this community and oversee the operations of this blog. My goal was to continue to make Bulls Confidential a fantastic resource for smart readers, and provide unique takes and insightful analysis of the team we all love. In addition, I wanted to challenge myself as a writer and basketball thinker and take pride in the work I shared with you all.

Even though it’s only been a short time, I’ve gained a great appreciation for what it takes to be in charge of something and the investment it takes to work with and edit the projects of some really bright writers. These opportunities have been paramount in my growth as a writer and have given me a chance to pursue this passion of mine. I’m so grateful for that.

In that vain, I have some bittersweet news: I will be stepping down as the owner and editor of this site and joining The Athletic Chicago as a contributing writer and podcast host. Not only is this a great opportunity for me to continue to develop as a writer with an exciting new website, but for Mark Karantzoulis as well, who will be officially taking over Bulls Conf responsibilities.

The past few weeks especially, Mark has kept the blog alive as I’ve transitioned jobs and living situations. As you well know, Mark is an incredibly gifted basketball mind and has the skill and craft to turn those thoughts into blog posts. He’s dedicated to this; he cares deeply about his writing, and this community. He will continue to build on the success we’ve had over the past months -- during which time we’ve seen growth in our readership and social media following. Mark is great and will do great things for Bulls Conf. You’re in good hands.

Most importantly, I want to thank you all for taking time from your day to read my work. I really hope to do this professionally one day, and sharing my words with you and receiving your feedback has been invaluable. I am truly grateful for your support.

If you have any interest in continuing to follow me and my work, look out for the Bull Court Press podcast and my writing hosted by The Athletic Chicago.

Best Regards,

Will Gottlieb

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  • The blog is in good hands with Mark. Will, congrats and best of luck to you. Please stop by and comment from time to time.

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    Congrats to both Will and Mark. Best wishes in your respective new endeavors. Look forward to reading both of your Bulls takes this season.

  • I appreciate the kind words! I will definitely continue to read everything Mark writes, so I'll be around!

  • Congratulations Will! It has been a pleasure reading you articles I really appreciate the work you did here. Good luck on the new job!

  • Good luck Will! I'm excited to get more new content from Mark this season

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