So It Ends, the Derrick Rose Era of Bulls Basketball is Over

So It Ends, the Derrick Rose Era of Bulls Basketball is Over

I suppose it's been a long time coming. The Bulls have finally made a trade. A blockbuster at that. Derrick Rose is no longer a Bull.

Reactions to the trade have been pretty all over the place. Some are offended, some are thrilled. Some are just impressed with the value the Bulls got in return. Some make fun of Rose for his knee problems, but that's just reductive. No, he's not the MVP anymore. No, he will not become that again. But there's more too it than just basketball.

Personally, I'm pretty sad about it. Rose was my favorite athlete of all time and I figured he would remain a Bull for his entire career. I thought the Bulls might break through and win a championship with him as the leader and they'd raise number 1 into the rafters. Rose was a symbol of hope and excitement for so many years. Watching him at his peak was an absolute gift that I'm so thankful to have experienced.

But 3 knee surgeries and 4 years later, it became clear those thoughts were just fantasies. Breakups are always hard, and this one is no different. It's bittersweet but it was time for the Bulls to move on from Rose. It never felt like Rose was going to be part of a trade, but the Bulls lost hope in him last year. It truly was time for team to move on, but returning value seemed impossible to gauge. It felt like it would be best to let next season ride out, and allow him to walk in free agency afterwards. But the Bulls did alright for themselves with the talent they acquired. Fortifying the starting center position, getting a placeholder point guard, a young talent with whom the Bulls were enamored in last year's draft and future draft pick is relatively good value for what Rose had become. The Bulls were not going to do better. Who knows what GarPax's plan is, but all indications point towards retooling around Jimmy Butler, which is the right move from a franchise building standpoint.

The Bulls were not winning a championship with Rose, as he is now. They're also not winning one with a starting lineup of Calderon, Butler, Dunleavy, Gibson/Mirotic and Lopez. That lineup won't lure the likes of Kevin Durant, Mike Conley or Al Horford. At the same time, it would be odd if the Bulls rebuild ended with the acquisition of a 34-year old point guard and a 28-year old center. Grant is going to be a nice player, but It feels like it may be just the beginning of a series of moves for the Bulls. Hopefully they'll try to flip those two for younger guys to own the rebuild, acquire young talent and get the team on track to be good again one day soon. Bulls fans need something about which they can feel hopeful, even if it's further down the line. This could be the beginning.

We can save predictions about the starting lineup or the direction of the franchise for later. For right now, it's time to say goodbye to Derrick Rose. Hopefully, this change of scenery is exactly what he needs to get back on the good side of fans and the media. I hope he will continue to progress towards regaining his former brilliance and become a darling of the NBA once more.

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  • Wow. Just wow.

    Sad but necessary.

    Good job GarPax.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I second that, Roman!

    Gutsy move by the FO. But a moneyball move.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I'm stunned even though I joined you and Bullsville in believing that Rose had to go, and I've been a Robin Lopez fan since we lost Asik.
    This sounds like the best we could do at this time, with the Knicks one of the few teams willing to take the risk with Rose, maybe the Lakers might have. That was back in the days when Lopez could be had for second round picks and was only making $4-5-6 million per. I suggested trading Gulliver for Lopez last year, and Rose became the mope a dope PG version of Gulliver this past year.

    Lopez is a legitimate defense and rebounding starting center, although he has never averaged 30 mpg. He had a number of 20-5+point and 12-15+ rebound games the second half of last season. While brother Brook is more talented, I've always like Robin better, since he is physically tougher.

    Sad, but necessary, true

    Does this increase or decrease the chances we draft Thon Maker?

    probably means we draft a PG, with Calderon a one year fill-in and Grant not looking like an NBA player with the Knicks. I'd rather sign J Lin(DJ Augustin in lins to rich for our blood) and draft Maker. Probably rather have Denzel Valentine over the pg's left over at 14.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    with that super midget Tyler Ulis the best pg left on the board at 14, and the pg that I would take hoping he might be the next Isaiah Thomas, who could have been a Bull on at least 2 separate occasions over the past 2 years.

  • I agree, Will. Derrick is one of my favorite players and it's tough to see him go. I hope he does well in NY and that him, Melo, and Kristaps mesh well together and find success.

    The Bulls are in a tough spot. Hopefully they make more moves in the next 24 hours to do something. I'm not sure there's much they can do right now though as their only real asset is Butler.

  • In reply to bpmueller:

    The Bulls do have other assets, bp, just not with the big name. They could potentially trade Taj, Snell, or Mirotic, for example. All are on favorable contracts.

    I doubt they would trade McDermott or Portis, but I would not want to bet against it. They probably would to move up to #5 for example.

    Anyway, this shows the FO attitude - they have to make something happen. If they can land a great young player in the draft, keep Butler, land a decent FA, and if a couple of guys improve - Moore and McD? Portis and Felicio? - and if the HC morphs into a real one, they might just be able to land a few solid FAs in the summer of 2017.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Which Solid Free Agents?
    Only free agents coming here are guys on their last leg.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    With the modern NBA, Taj is not as valuable as he once was. He is a decent player, but not a starter on a championship team. Plus, he has been banged up and is starting to get a bit old.

    Snell is on his way out of the NBA. Mirotic's value is pretty low right now after the season he had. He has some upside but it doesn't look like he can defend that well. McD's value is pretty low right now too. He is a one way player and could be a really solid bench guy, but not much upside. Portis showed some good signs and could be a solid guy, a bit more offensively gifted version of Taj, with Noah's energy. Again, the traditional 4 is probably the least valuable position in today's NBA though.

  • Looks like crap return to me...

    If you are rebuilding you need to get young. Grant is interesting but not worth anything close to Derrick Rose! Robin Lopez I kind of like but he is a low end starter who has never even averaged double digit rebounds. Calderon sucks and is old.

    Perhaps they can flip Lopez for something but I have a feeling they wanted him and Calderon has little to no value so I doubt they get a second round pick for him if they wanted to.

  • In reply to Chad:

    It is funny, fans are all over the place about what the Bulls got in return. Some feel Chi got fleeced, some feel NY did. Probably it was in between, reasonably fair. Depends on what happens next, right?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    It just doesn't make any sense. We aren't getting younger as two of the three guys we acquired are older than Rose. We aren't getting better as none are better than Rose. It's not a salary dump since Lopez has like 40+ mil owed him over the next three years.

    So what are we doing?

    It is a question I find myself asking way too often when it comes to the Bulls FO.

  • In reply to Chad:

    The fact that this doesn't make sense to you suggests that either you hate the Bulls FO no matter what it does.

    So you would have kept Rose? Do you think Grant isn't younger than Rose? Do you think Lopez isn't younger than Noah or Gasol? Do you think Calderon is here for the long run?

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I never said Grant was older than Rose I said two of the three guys are older. My point is it is a directionless move. You send three starters packing (assuming Noah and Gasol are in fact gone) then you should be rebuilding but they aren't they are kicking the can down the road in an piss poor attempt to be decent enough to make the playoffs.

    Robin Lopez is the best player we got from NY and he isn't close to being as good as Rose, Noah or Gasol. This move doesn't make us younger and it doesn't make us better... By passing on it the worse case scenario we hold Rose and let him walk best case there is another move available that is better.

  • In reply to Chad:

    We needed a starting center, and someone willing to be a physical presence in the middle. We would have had to spend $15-20 million in free agency to get someone, so Lopez is somewhat of a bargain and likely better than Kosta Koufos who they could have had at around half the price last year for Gulliver.

    If you ask me, the self delusional Rose had also become a team cancer, and we weren't resigning him after next year, and he likely had no interest in remaining in Chicago.

    I suppose that we could have suffered through another mope a dope season with Rose delusionally looking for a reason to believe that he was MVP rose again.

  • It is not over folks.....

    Boston Danny Ainge is obsessed with Butler and will overpay the Bulls to get him now. Boston will fear if NY passes them this season in the standings. Knicks are not done yet, they will sign Howard. Boston will go hard for Butler on draft night. Bet on it ! I think Foreman can get two #1 picks for Butler on Thursday !

    So Butler will be gone just to clear all the bad ego air in the Noah, no Rose and no Butler.

    Since the season ended, Bulls have cleared $50 million in old salary.......Rose, Gasol, Noah, Brooks, Holiday.....and Gibson & Dunleavy will be gone by the next trade deadline.

    I think the Bulls are going to cheap so the owner might seek offers to sell a team with a low future salary payout. A team with no long term contracts and extra draft picks can be appealing to some Billionaire.

  • I am going to wait a few days to digest this trade before commenting. However, what seems logical to me is that the Bulls may not draft a point guard after all. With Calderon/Grant/Dinwiddie they seem set at point guard. I don't think Baldwin or Jackson would be an upgrade over Grant, so why draft a pg?

    So with this new development I predict that Gar/Pax will draft an athletic wing to back-up Jimmy and McDermott. Hopefully, sleepy Tony will get a one-way ticket to Palookaville (Sacramento) and we can all start the healing process necessary after having to watch him for the past few years.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I had the same thought about the draft. Unless another trade is in the works, why add another backup point guard to the mix? With Lopez and Felecio, no need for a center either. Just a gut feeling, but I feel like Richardson is who they will take. Or the skinny kid from Turkey(?). Korkman or something.

  • The bottom line is that a team with Jimmy Butler as its third best player is a championship contender. A team with Jimmy Butler as its best player is treading water at best. I'm not saying the FO should not have done this deal, but the Bulls strike me as classic stuck in the middle. They are too good to get a franchise talent and too bad to really contend.

  • Awesome trade. I'm split on trading Butler. If Butler goes to Cs, Bulls need to get at least 2 Brooklyn picks + a player or two. Preferably Crowder. This also enables the Bulls to tank and hopefully get a top pick next year to combine with the Brooklyn picks. That's a solid rebuild if GarPax can actually draft well.

    Butler is easily a top 20 NBA player and only 26, so hard to give him up. The only reason he should be traded is if he keeps the Bulls in mediocrity and that's death in the NBA.

  • In reply to Granby:

    So you're saying the price of Jimmy is being stuck as mediocre instead of just plain bad and getting high picks. I hadn't thought of it that way but it's an interesting point. Unless they're getting another legit star to go with Jimmy, they might be best off just tanking completely for a couple years, not that I think they would go that route.

  • Well its official guys, the Bulls are now a farm team for the league. Can GarPax build around Lopez and Butler or is it Noah and Butler?
    This draft may tell the whole story.

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