Dennis Podman - Ep. 20: That's A Wrap

Dennis Podman - Ep. 20: That's A Wrap

Dennis Podman returns with Mark & Morten breaking down the Gar Forman & John Paxson press conference. What was said? What did we learn? What will they do next? Tune in for the analysis.

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  • fb_avatar

    Very nice work!

    Please check out my Bulls blog page at Let me know what you think!

    My most recent post is on the key 3 Bulls likely not returning next season.

    Thanks! :D

  • Thanks for the podcast guys. You've consistently done a great job with these and it's appreciated.

    The hardest thing to do in sports is to go from good to championship. A lot of good teams are never able to take that step and are typically derided by their fans as a result.

    Exhibit A: Last season. The Bulls had a nice team under Thibs – competitive, tried hard – but I don’t think any of us thought they had a legit chance to win a championship. After seeing what the Warriors did last year, it also didn’t look like a Thibs-type team could lead a team to a title. So the Bulls FO gave up a competitive, 50-wins-every-year team and rolled the dice in hopes to get over the hump. The dice came up snake eyes. That’s the thing about dice rolling.

    Exhibit B: This podcast. The podcasters – along with many Bulls fans – are now saying, let’s go back to the good old days of a defensive, try-hard, 50-win team that can’t actually win a championship and get guys like Luol Deng. Are you guys serious? Obviously it would be better than what we had this year, but I don’t want to go back to that team. I want a team that can compete for a title, and if we don’t have that, then tear it down and start over, unlikely to succeed though it may be.

    The old team won 50 games every year and was considered the biggest threat to the Cavs in the East, but Bulls fans mostly derided that team, called Deng a fake all-star, complained that management was clueless, that we never signed big FAs, that we were little more than regular season champs, and some asserted that Thibs was nothing more than a career assistant masquerading as a head coach. Offline, the 2 season ticket holders I knew both hated Thibs and said he didn’t know what he was doing. Now the podcast is saying, Bulls fans would be happy if we went back to that type of team? Well, that’s what all the bloggers who used to hate that old team are saying too, so I guess it makes sense.

    It’s like you want steak but all you get is hamburgers so you complain. Then you get nothing but mush for a year and suddenly, the same hamburger you didn’t want looks really good. From that perspective, I get Bulls fans wanting to go back to the old “at least they tried hard” team but come on. We should be gunning for championships, not accepting a try hard team that isn’t really going anywhere.

    I get it as far as, at least those old teams had an identity. This one doesn’t and I do expect the team to give consistent effort, that’s the least of what should be expected from professionals in any sport, so that much improvement is a requirement. But I don’t want to go back to that old identity. It’s time to forge a new one, hopefully one of a modern offensive team.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Thanks for listening in, Roman.

    Re Deng, I don’t think Morten and I would seriously entertain the idea of bringing back Deng and hoping that would fix anything. It wouldn’t. But the type of player Deng represents is one we do need. I wouldn’t pay a 31 year old guy 8 figures to do it, but as a small ball 4 with terrific leadership, Deng is that type of player.

    As for the identity discussion, which I wrote about in my latest piece for the website, I think it’s completely fair if someone doesn’t want to go back to the old identity. But as I mentioned, I think the Bulls could do that because it’s what they’ve always done. We’re creatures of habit. I think it could happen, irrespective if it should. That, and not many offensive minded free agents exist in free agency that will change the course of the franchise.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Pining for Thibs is an exercise in desperation. He was a myopic oaf, focused too much on defense at the expense of the offense. The team quit on him last year in the playoffs. And I still blame him for fucking up Derrick Rose's knee.

    The mistake was in hiring an incompetent pantywaist like Fred Hoiberg. And in making horrible personnel decisions too numerous to list here.

  • Hey guys, great work on the Pod. 1 question:
    You acknowledged the new direction of the NBA and I think, with that in mind, we have hope. How about:
    1. Rose
    2. FA (maybe Evan Fournier) or some other 2 who can shoot.
    3. Jimmy
    4. Mirotic
    5. Taj (grooming Portis for future 5)

    Maybe Barnes or Bazemore and then keep Jimmy at the 2. The thing is, nowadays everyone has to be able to hit a jumper. Taj can, and he can defend At the 5 in today's NBA. Don't you think this squad could run, everyone can hit Js and defensively, while not great, will defend PNRoll better, so an improvement.

  • In reply to retrodman:

    Thanks for listening, appreciate it. I'm not sure which episode it was, but on a past ep, I've raved about Fournier and his fit with the Bulls, so I'd be all over that.

    He's like going to get paid $15-17m at a minimum, which the Bulls will have, but he's also a restricted free agent, which may make it hard to get him out of Orlando.

    If you go after him, that means no more Noah, which may be fine, but something to consider. On paper, I like the team you proposed. Still has some issues defensively, especially if Taj gets hurt. Would be a much younger team and they won't likely do much in the playoffs, but they'd be fun to watch.

    I could get behind this idea.

  • In reply to Mark Karantzoulis:

    Yeah, you're right about the Restricted FA. Maybe Fournier is a pipe-dream, but you're right, someone who can shoot the 3 next to Rose and JB. McD maybe....

    Noah, come on, he's my favorite Bull but he's toast. He can't even dunk anymore. 7ft'ers are disappearing and I'd like to think Noah could be a Bogut but he's just got very little left athletically. I think we'll regret it big time if we give him $, sadly.

    About Taj getting hurt, I'm not too worried cuz as I said, Portis should be a perfect future Center with his shot and inside touch. He will be groomed and Felicio has shown the ability to defend today's small 5s and he can Finish well.

    Also, dropping Noah and Pau leaves us eith tons of $ to overspend on a 3pt shooting wing.

    Let's go small and give this Hoiball thing a shot. I love your realistic approach; this team won't win the Title but could be young, fun and a Playoff team that trends upwards...

  • In reply to retrodman:

    Yeah, I get why some don't want Noah back, but only mentioned him because you don't have the cap space to chase a guy like Fournier before doing something with Noah, whether that's letting him go or signing him to a low number and reducing his cap hold thus creating enough cap room.

    I would definitely be on board with Fournier being a target. Don't think it works, but I'd chase him.

  • In reply to Mark Karantzoulis:

    Wow, $15-17 million per for Fournier, what does that say about what the league has become. This offseason scares me, I have no idea what guys are "worth". There are going to be a lot of really bad contracts handed out over the next 2 summers, how long will that handicap teams.

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