Dennis Podman: Episode 13 - The Podman Post

Dennis Podman: Episode 13 - The Podman Post

Dennis Podman is back for another week, and this time round, Mark & Morten answer the listeners questions on The Podman Post, as well as discussing the week's games and news.

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  • To think that this podcast, talking about how effective Jimmy is without Derrick, was recorded BEFORE the Toronto game where Jimmy did his MJ impersonation!

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Haha, I know. I sort of wish we recorded after the TOR game now, but timezones couldn't allow it.

    Nevertheless, we'll obviously discuss that performance and more on the next episode.

  • that was an impressive performance. Jimmy bringing the ball up the court and running the P&R with Pau needs to be the Bulls' bread and butter from this point forward. Jimmy was criticized for saying that he thinks of himself as a point guard in the offseason. We saw it in action last night, and it was historic. When Rose comes back, he needs to focus on defense, pushing every fast break when opportunity, and being a 3rd or 4th option on offense. if he will do this, the bulls can make some noise. Derrick also hopefully realizes now that the 4th quarter is Jimmy's time. Man that was impressive. 40 points in a freakin half.

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