Dennis Podman: Episode 10

Dennis Podman: Episode 10

This week on Dennis Podman, Mark and Morten review the week's games as well as answering the listeners questions. A clear theme is building up among the fan base - make a move, Gar!

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  • Mort and Mark, you guys are way too patient! Actually I appreciate that in this digital age of instant overreaction, but that stated, there's nothing that's going to happen in the next 3 weeks that's going to make this team a championship contender. They might improve and gain some consistency, but championship contention is not in the cards this year, not at all.

    So the same fan base that said, "No, we can't trade any of our precious bigs!" is now saying we haven't been aggressive enough in trading our precious bigs.

    The good thing about the Bulls having waited is that we now know that this team has no legit shot this year so we can expand which of our bigs to be made available to include Pau and Noah. I was screaming to trade Taj before the season and it still might be the way to go, but Pau probably gets a better return and it's now clear he's not returning next year. Would a championship contending team like the Spurs or even Cavs give up a 1st (considering it would be an end-of-the-round 1st) for him? Teams don't give up 1sts anymore but it only takes one team to think Pau is the difference in winning a championship. I can't believe any team views Taj Gibson that way.

    Make a move Gar! I'm not generally the one to scream for trades because A) They're very hard to execute B) They infrequently work very well unless you fleece the other team, which you can never count on. In this case, however, Mr. Forman, you drafted the BPA in Portis when you already had 4 legit starting caliber bigs. You forced yourself to have to trade one of them. Now do it.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    That's the first time I've heard I had patience. I have very little left quite honestly, and last night didn't help.

  • In reply to Morten Stig Jensen:

    After last night, it feels like it might just be time for total capitulation.

  • IF Rose had not caught an elbow to the face in practice;
    IF Niko were living up to expectations based on last March;
    IF Dunleavy were back and up to form;
    IF just one of those 3 had happened, the Bulls would likely be 15-5 at worst!

    Hoiberg and the FO must be pulling their hair out.

    Anything positive? They got Portis; McDermott is a bit better; Noah is a bit better. All of those together cannot overcome the 3 listed earlier.

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