More minutes for Moore?

More minutes for Moore?

In another weird internal communication collapse, Fred Hoiberg stated that Derrick Rose's double vision could be a three month journey, only the man with double vision himself had no idea:

It's a bit weird how Hoiberg seems to say things on behalf of players which either isn't true (the "Noah came to me and offered to not start" conundrum) or put a time table on an injury that the injured person himself should have gotten first hand.

Oh well, let's chalk it up to misunderstandings for now, and move on.

Three months for Rose with double vision is a long time, and given his obvious struggles in playing with it, now might be a good time to come up with a plan for the point guard spot. Having Aaron Brooks and Kirk Hinrich handle the primary load is quite simply a no-go, and since trades are for the most part a non-starter, this whole situation points to one man as the solution: E'Twaun Moore.

Before I make my case for more minutes for Moore, let me preface it by saying that sitting Derrick shouldn't happen. He's sat enough over the past few years, and sitting out would obliterate whatever rhythm he has found. But playing generally, and playing late in games, are two different things.

Derrick is second on the team in minutes (32.2), first in shots (14.2), first in turnovers (2.9), and third in scoring (12.6). His TS of 40.6% is D-League caliber, and his defense is yo-yoing from "abysmal" to "slightly below average", neither of which inspires a lot of confidence. All in all, there's too much Derrick Rose right now, and it's not helping anyone.

Therefor, I propose cutting Derrick's minutes to about 24 a game, with Moore directly gaining those available minutes, putting himself in the 26-27 minute range.

While generally unspectacular, Moore at least brings stability. He handles the ball well, doesn't turn it over a lot, understand what constitutes a good shot, and is a solid passer despite his extremely poor assist rate this season. He's not a pure point guard, and may even be considerably better as the off-guard, but he still offers more aggressive play than Kirk Hinrich, and more intelligent play than Aaron Brooks. He's not dynamic, and will probably only lead the Bulls in scoring once per every 50 games he plays, but that's not a problem as long as he follows the simple steps he's been following this year:

- Take and make open jump shots
- Provide stabile ball-handling
- Use driving lanes when available

Moore is essentially a bigger version of Chris Duhon, and while that for most would seem like an insult, in this case, it's a compliment. Say what you will about Duhon, but he was a low-mistake player. Moore would in this case come in as the first guard off the bench and, as most of Derrick's back-ups do, fly under the radar. He'd be viewed as the fifth scoring option while he's out there (unless Joakim Noah is in) and it's in that role he could provide something that Derrick doesn't: low-profile production.

For better or worse, everyone's eyes are locked onto Derrick when he's on the ball, whereas defensive pressure and focus seems to be a bit lax when Moore is in. A mid-range pull-up jumper here, a corner three there, and two free throws to wrap up a quarter isn't something to really take a whole lot of note of from Moore, whereas if Derrick does it, the whole stadium would be buzzing.

That's name recognition for ya'.

Moore is shooting 51% from the field for a reason, and it's that defenses simply worries much more about Rose and Jimmy Butler. They additionally worry about Nikola Mirotic trailing the play looking for the spot-up three, just as Pau Gasol is someone who shouldn't be left alone deep in the low post. The Bulls have weapons, but Moore might actually be the one who could sneak behind enemy lines and wreck havoc by simply playing off the attention everyone else is getting. It may not be huge scoring totals in the end, but eight points a game on 6-7 attempts with a low-turnover rate and solid defense? That's a lot more effective than what Derrick is currently producing.

For Rose, the move would also make sense. With 24 minutes a night, he's getting enough burn to keep his legs and body going, without sacrificing conditioning. He'd probably hate it, and I'd respect that, but if such a move leads to more wins, there's really no downside for Derrick either. His double vision will go away eventually, and when it has, the Bulls might be looking pretty good, and he'd have a healthy body to lean on, as the playoffs approaches.

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  • A friend had a similar bone fracture near the eye. Her problem is that the bone, when it fractured, pinched a nerve to the eye when the bone closed back! This was more than 8 months ago and she still has double vision. In her case, the docs say surgery is the only option, which she has been delaying hoping the body can heal itself.

    Maybe Derrick's eye nerve was "merely" bruised and will thus regenerate itself in time. Nerves can do that, but usually it is a slow process. And that is the best case scenario. I hope for his sake and the teams he returns to normal eventually.

  • Last season E'twaun deserving more playing time was so obvious to many on this blog, but apparently not obvious to the oblivious Thibs.

    Glad Hoiberg recognizes E'twaun's value and is playing him.

  • Glad to see Moore getting more time ahead of both Brooks and Hangdog, should be ahead of Snell also.

    From NBC's PBT

    9. "Bulls (6-3, LW 13). This week we likely see a change to the Bulls starting lineup, with Joakim Noah starting and Nikola Mirotic coming off the bench (if it happens, Hoiberg is going last season’s starters of Noah and Pau Gasol up front, a lightly used combo this season). I think their best lineup is Noah and Mitotic starting and Pau Gasol coming off the bench, but who knows if and when we might see that".

    Why does it seem like the vast majority of people(fans and so called experts) seem to think that is the best lineup for the Bulls, but Bulls coaches don't seem to agree, or have the balls to do what appears to be best for the team rather than pander to one player's ego. Maybe they've consulted with Mike D'Antoni.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I really don't get that either. Noah-Mirotic, you have to at least try it. I could see both units getting better. The starting unit can work with Noah just crashing the boards and getting put-backs and it's one fewer guy you have to feed with 4 other legit scorers around, whether that's McDoug or Dunleavy. In the mean time, they really need Gasol's offense off the bench, he could be the focal point and maybe even increase his point total in fewer minutes. Plus he'd play more with Taj, a better complementary player to him.

    To me, the question is whether Noah can even get the put-backs anymore, I'm not so sure he can. Maybe not, but why not at least try starting Noah-Mirotic, when Hoiberg seems willing to sub in starters at just about every other spot? Does Gasol really have that big an ego or his feelings will be hurt and he'll pout if he doesn't start? If they have to, they can start Taj, maybe that increases Taj's trade value. Play Niko off the bench as the offensive focal point and he'll do fine against bench players, maybe that will straighten him out. I'd also look to trade Gasol if he's not going to be a f---ing professional about not starting.

  • Not sure why Hinrich was in late, but at least we did get the win.

    I hope Rose didn't bust his ankle as he was looking good.

  • At this point I would be for trading Taj and Pau and seeing what we can get back for them as I am sure we have Crazy Eyes to fill in and then what other brilliance we can get.

  • No idea about the veracity of this report, but it is an interesting read.

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    Yeah, I read that too. I hope it is not true. If it is true, then there needs to be a management change!

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    Yes, that was interesting and if it's true it's scary how bad the Bulls management team/medical staff is. Then again, remember what they did to Deng a few years ago, they literally almost killed him.

  • with Mirotic playing so poorly, maybe they need to give Portis a look in the rotation. Who is going to be the future powerforward for the Bulls? Im not sold on Mirotic with his poor defense and streaky inconsistent shooting and I definitely dont see Portis as a full time center. This is probably an issue for next year but its something that the team needs to start evaluating in practice. I have to give some credit to D. Rose, I like that he is using the glass(bank shots) since he has trouble seeing. Ive always been a fan of that shot but very few NBA players use it effectively. I hope that Jimmy B. can up his scoring a little bit and our guard play stabilizes(Snell vs McDermott).

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    So you're ready to give up on Niko? I'm all for giving Portis some minutes but your post is more questioning if Niko is the still the future at PF. I'll put it this way: He better be. Portis projects as more of a lunch pail energy and effort guy, not the difference-maker Niko is supposed to be. Niko needs to get his act together and probably needs a shooting coach to iron out the inconsistencies in that area, but the Bulls don't seem to have one of those.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    That's why I keep hoping that they could steal that guy from the Spurs, Chip something(englund?)

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