Dennis Podman: Episode 6

Dennis Podman: Episode 6

The regular season is here!

Join Mark & Morten as they discuss the first three games of the young regular season and the performances to date. Who has looked great? Who hasn't?

Listen in to hear the guys' opinion of the beginning of Hoiball.

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  • Great show! I just want Mark to admit that it's time to trade Taj! ;-p

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Both Bobby Portis and I strongly second your motion.

  • You have to admit, trading Taj to free up playing time for a rookie must be a foreign concept to GarPax after the last 5 seasons. If they did such a trade while Thibs was here, Portis never would have played anyway, he would have just run Niko, Pau and Jo into the ground.

  • Never!

  • Sorry guys, but I really cannot agree with your take on our SF play this year. Despite going thru a "ghost" stretch for 5-6 games last season the Bulls on/off splits with Dunleavy were (surprisingly)much better in almost all categories. He seemed to have provided more value than his modest stats suggested. While I'd still like to see McNoD get a few games with the starters before Dunleavy gets back, I think that Dunleavy probably deserves his starting job back when he returns.

    McD is starting to hit a few shots now that he's getting regular minutes, but his defense is still scary bad. Not quite as helter skelter, chicken with its head cut off as last season, but he still looks nervous or scared.

    As for Snell, everyone seems to want/need to overrate him. Last night is a perfect example, Fournier easily burned both Snell and McD repeatedly, including in the final minute of the game when Snell completely lost him at the top of the key and allowed him to glide down the lane for an uncontested layup. This happened 2-3 times early in the first also, allowing Orlando to get out to a 15-12 lead in the first 6 minutes of the game. Snell is obviously better than McNoD on defense, but he is far from a plus defender. He got destroyed Friday night by both a PG(Jackson) and a SF(Morris). Last night he simply could not hang with a slightly built SG playing SF(Fournier). With Snell and McNoD "guarding" him, Fournier was the Magic's leading scorer even though he ended up a team worst minus 15. Likely as a result of being somnambulant, Snell is simply too slow, mentally and physically.

    It will be interesting to see who loses time when Dunleavy gets back. Snell, McD, or maybe even Moore, one of those guys is going to end up spending too much time with Portis. So far, I haven't seen anything that changes my opinion that we need to trade for a starting caliber SF, with Taj, Snell, McNoD and the Sacto pick as trade bait.
    Assuming that Rudy Gay isn't gettable, is a guy like Wilson Chandler a reasonable get, is he enough to make a difference? What about the second year guy TJ Warren from Phoenix, not sure how they feel about him, but he's a guy that I wouldn't have minded the Bulls getting at 16 or 19 before they made the McD trade. I think he ended up going 13 to Phoenix. Can we still trade for the rights to Dario Saric, even though I guess that he has grown/evolved into a PF, especially in today's game.

    As for Noah, I can't believe how everybody just completely misses the point. You can afford having one guy who can't play offense on the court if he is surrounded by first rate offensive talent. However, since he isn't starting he is surrounded by second rate offensive talent, thus that unit cannot score. That unit also has 3 defensive liability players, so they aren't stopping people either. I'd like to see Noah play center with the starters including Mike Dunleavy before I totally give up on him. We haven't seen that since the end of the 2014 season when he was not only the DPOY, but first team all nba center. Unfortunately, unless there is an injury, we probably won't see that this season either. I'd also like to see some Bobby Portis at PF with Noah or Gasol, and maybe some at center with Niko, maybe even Taj.

    As for Rose, I will continue to cut him some slack as long as his face is still broken. As long as he is still seeing double, he's making the right call by not taking too many shots. I'm frustrated and would like to see more from him, but for now just keep trying to penetrate and see what happens. anybody have any idea how long this double vision is supposed to last?

    Can't believe how time flies, the season is 1/25th over already.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Warriors benched Bogut in the Finals because of his sub par offense, despite being surrounded with incredible offensive talent.

    It can't be ignored. He has been horrible on offense.

  • Also of note, I find it interesting that Niko had his worst all around game of the season last night, including shooting and rebounding. Orlando plays a small ball starting lineup with Tobias Harris a SF at PF and Fournier a SG at SF. Niko probably could have/should have tried to post up Harris a bit more. Even though he(Harris) is a physical guy Niko has a few inches on him.

    This illustrates my biggest concern with Niko, he seems to play his best when matched up against a traditional power forward type. Last year, he had the best game of his career against Zach Randolph. We all saw how he struggled at small forward. It seems to me that many teams, especially those without an allstar type PF, might resort to matching up with Niko by going to small ball which so far seems to negate many of the advantages that he provides us.

    Finally, last night he hesitated on at least 3, 3 point attempts where he was clearly open and ended up missing all 3 attempts. He really needs to let it fly with more confidence all the time. He seems to have increased his range this year and his form looks better, not quite as much backward leaning tower of pisa, although he is still falling backward in general when shooting 3's. It seems to me that the best shooters shoot 3's with forward body momentum.

  • Assuming that these numbers posted on BAB today are correct, they certainly add fuel to the fire for those advocating trading Taj, and for those who think Noah should start with Niko. Hopefully Gasol/Portis would fare much better than Gasol/Taj. Niko is our best/most valuable big, Taj is our worst/least valuable, with Noah and Gasol probably in that order somewhere in between.

    Big man lineups per 100 poss (Minute Played):

    Gasol-Miro: +9.9 (94)
    Gasol-Taj: -24.5 (21)
    Noah-Miro: +27.3 (21)
    Noah-Taj: -16.6 (52)

    Of course, if the rest of the league is actually aware of these, then how much can we expect to get back for Taj.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If you could get a Wilson Chandler or TJ Warren type of player for Taj, I'd definitely do it. I'd trade Taj for just about anything tangible to clear the logjam for Portis. It's too bad Taj's numbers are so down, it just reduces his value, which probably isn't much to begin with.

    I'm not hanging onto this idea that so much wrong with Noah is that he's in the wrong position or with the wrong lineup. I don't think Noah is the same guy physically anymore. However, Hoiberg is remiss if he doesn't at least try Noah with the starting lineup. If it works, hey maybe you can trade Gasol, for whom you could probably get a much better return than Taj. Then you grind through the year with Noah, Portis and Taj sharing C minutes, but at least Portis develops and at 6'11" he really could play C if he adds enough muscle to his frame. This is all geared towards the future, you're not beating LeBron without Gasol but IMO you're not beating him with Gasol either.

    As for Niko, you're very glass half empty on him. He has his weaknesses but he does a lot of things either well or very well and shows that he can and will improve. I'm not concerned about Zach Randolph just because he had a tough night against Niko or because the NBA is trending towards stretch 4s. If teams try to exploit Niko with a small ball lineup, Hoiberg needs to make an adjustment, maybe Niko plays C or takes a seat for a stretch.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Actually I'm not down on Niko at all, I've been a big fan from before day one. I just see a few flaws in his game that might prevent him from being a truly great player, flaws that might be fatal weaknesses if other teams find ways to exploit them, and there is no adjustment that he/we can make. They might be a long term issue, they might not, just not sure either way right now.

    I'd say that he is my new favorite player as it's likely that Noah is permanently damaged and perhaps not long for the Bulls. I remember Fran Fraschilla, who is supposed to be some kind of expert on foreign players saying of Niko right before he came over that he was a solid starter with the potential to make an all star team or 2. Thats sounds about right, right now, but many Bulls fans see him as much better than that. I depends on how much room he has to improve from where he is now, and if these small flaws in his game are fatal or not. Obviously, I'm hoping for the best. Can he be better than what Jimmy Butler has become, how close is he now. Even that is a second tier star, not a #1 guy that you can build a team around.

    The success of Niko is one of the reasons that I was hoping that the Bulls took a chance on his countryman, Dario Saric.

  • Can anyone explain or provide links that explain how small ball is working? Shouldn't those lineups get killed on the glass and in the post? Sometimes it's best to zag when everyone else zigs.

  • Question: The best basketball player in the world is from Akron, OH. Do you know his name?

    That's right, Steph Curry. Born March 14, 1988 in Akron, OH. And he currently sports a 50.5 PER

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