Dennis Podman: Episode 5

Dennis Podman: Episode 5

The regular season fast approaches, and if you can't wait for it and want to get into the mood, what better way to do so than listening to a Dane and an Australian talk all things Bulls!

Together, Mark & Morten discuss the recently concluded preseason, the team's best performers through eight games, as well as potential trade ideas and the strength of the roster heading into the regular season.

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  • Based on my belief that the Bulls will not get past the Cavs this year and will need to get better to compete in an improving Eastern Conference going forward, I propose the following trade:

    Out- Noah, McDermott, Snell
    In- Parsons, Harris, Anderson
    Works on Trade Checker

    To sweeten this if necessary, I would give up Bulls own 1st round pick in the expectation they will get Kings pick (a gamble).

    Mavs do this to plug current hole at center; create cap room next year as they will, no doubt, be rebuilding; and get two decent prospects plus a draft pick. Parsons is near prime and probably wants no part of re-build.

    Pretty obvious why Bulls do this. Noah is expendable (broken-down); McD is expendable (upgrade-get starter at the three); Snell is expendable (narcolepsy) and get an upgrade at back-up wing.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Interesting proposal. A couple of Qs.

    1) Is Parsons a starting caliber SF? Good on O and D?

    2) How would this impact the salary space next year? Could the Bulls still have a shot at a good FA?

  • In reply to rustyw:


    1) Absolutely. He is bigger and more athletic than Doug. Plus, he is a proven commodity (unlike Doug). Right now he is better than Doug as an NBA player on both sides of the ball. McDermott, however has the potential to be better than him on O. Although Parsons is not a great defensive player, his size and mobility will always translate better on D than Doug.

    2) I'm no cap guru but I believe he will essentially take up Noah's salary slot. But what FA small forward can the Bulls realistically expect to land in FA next year who is a better fit in Hoiberg's offense?

    3) reviewing my proposal, I believe we would have to cough up the Sacto pick (not our own) to land someone like Parsons. But again, what player in the draft next year at 11-14 will be more of a contributor than Parsons?

  • I was likely the only person who advocated drafting Taj(before the draft) and he was likely my second favorite Bull(after Noah) until he signed his new deal when he seems to have gotten a bit of an attitude about his offensive game and the need to work on D and in transition.

    Never-the-less, I am still baffled by your love for Taj especially vis-a-vis Noah. Noah and Gasol are our only true centers, and both could easily be gone next season, at least one is almost a certainty. Niko, Taj and Portis are all PF's with only Portis even capable of being a backup/small ball center. The player that Portis most closely duplicates is Taj. Therefore, trading Noah instead of Taj makes little sense on any number of levels. Maybe we discover that Noah is permanently diminished by injury, and Taj's underperformance the past 2 years was driven by his injuries being worse than we were aware of. However, if that is the case then Noah has little or no trade value, and Taj's value would be close to its max.

    If Noah and Gasol both leave next summer, would anybody be satisfied if the Bulls opened the year with only Niko, Taj and Portis upfront, that is simply way to small even in the new small ball era.

    I was only able to see 3 of the Bulls preseason games on NBA TV. Neither Snail or McDNP showed me anything to suggest that they are any better than they were last season, which means that we still have a big gaping hole at SF or SG if Butler moves to SF(which may not be his optimal position). We also have a huge need for a 3rd guard, someone like Isaiah Thomas.

    Anyone think that Danny Ainge who is collecting #1 picks might be inclined to give us Thomas for the Sacto pick and if necessary a lesser player like Snell. They seem to have no need for Taj and little need for either Noah or Gasol based on age.

    Would anybody trade Gasol straight up for Thomas (or Rudy Gay for that matter) if the Celtics or Sacto were up for it.

    Just thinking out loud, but can we still trade Brooks and/or Hangdog for Jeremy Lin? didn't Hangdog foul out in 18 minutes against those guys the other night.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You and I see eye to eye on Taj but appear to be in the minority. I think the biggest difference between our POV and the majority POV is that you and I see Taj -- as well as Niko -- to be strictly a PF. The majority seems to think of all our big men as somewhat interchangeable, because I often hear or read of Noah's injuries and Gasol's age as a reason to keep Taj, e.g. he has the same role that they do. We also both think Portis is ready to contribute whereas others think he can't be counted on as a rookie.

    I haven't seen Taj play enough center to know and actually defer to your observations that he can't really play center. I know the league is trending smaller but a 6'9" guy still isn't a center in my book. Portis, on the other hand, at 6'11" is tall enough to play center once he adds some bulk to his frame.

    As for trading Gasol, do that and broken-down Noah is your only real C because to your point, there isn't really another C on the roster. Therefore, I would only trade Gasol if you've given up on this year entirely and want to reload for the future.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    As usual, I agree with you on many points. Probably get more for Taj than Noah. Plus Bulls might need Noah more than Taj next year. BTW, you have some nice dreams! Gasol for Rudy Gay. Yep, in a heartbeat!

    Brooks for Lin? Yep again. With Kirk thrown in? Double yep with a yeah!

    Isaiah Thomas for the Sacto pick? Yep once more.

    Gaslo (On D, not on O) for Isaiah I do not see. That is a starting C who might (notice the might please, BigWay) be a 2nd-tier Allstar (not on D but on O) for a backup PG. Un-un. Not yet anyway. Gotta see how the team does for 2 months first.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Rusty, whoever thought up that Gasol for Gay trade doesn't have a clue (no surprise there).

    Even if the Kings wanted to dump Gay why would they want Gasol? They used a high draft pick to land Cauley-Stein and they made stupid trades to clear cap space for Koufas. Plus, they have an all-star in Cousins to play both the four and the five.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Rusty, apparently, you know who, (the guy who likes being a dick just to be a dick), cannot read or comprehend simple english even with all his advanced degrees in douchebaggery from the University of ButtFuckSota.

    I didn't propose a Gasol for Gay trade, I threw it out there as an aside to a question for Bulls fans if they would be interested in a deal for Isaiah Thomas if the Celtics or Sacto were interested. In fact, I stated that the Celtics likely had no great need/use for any of our big men. Anyone who actually reads at a kindergarten level or above would have figured that out. I was simply trying to gage what value the average normal Bulls fan places on Gasol.

    But when you are a raging asshole of the lunatic leftist fringe you cannot overcome your hatred toward anybody and everybody who disagrees with your opinion about anything and everything, thus always attacking everything they say, even when they didn't say it.

    Also, earlier this summer, when the Rudy Gay trade was brought up on a posting on this site, I noted all the reasons why Sacto would/should not be interested in moving Gay for any of our bigs, specifically picking up Koufos and Cauley-Stein to facilitate Cousins desire to move to PF, and their weakness at the wing without Gay.
    I also stated that the time to get Gay had likely passed, but might have been doable a year or so ago when I first proposed it sometime after he extended for 3yrs/$40 million, when most people thought that was an overpay.

    Again, as would be clear to anyone with half a functioning brain cell I was asking a hypothetical question about getting Isaiah Thomas from the Celtics and added the Gay question as an aside, just thinking(asking) out loud, along with the qualifier, "if the Celtics or Sacto were up for it". But why bother responding like a human being to what I actually said. douchebagassholes will always be douchebagassholes.

    Thanks to both you and Roman for responding like normal(thinking)human beings rather than evil, spiteful, hate filled ignoramuses.

    Speaking of clueless, why would anyone think that Dallas would want to trade Parsons who they just poached in free agency last summer for a broken down piece of shit(Noah), one of the 7 drawfs(Snell) and a guy who can't guard anyone in the NBA to stay on the court long enough to miss a few 3's. Yea, I hear Cuban is flying Parsons to Chicago as we speak on his private jet to offer us that deal.

    By the way, have any of you guys watched the FX series Fargo, at least now we know where sick/twisted/evil and bizarrely moronic people like douchebagballa come from.

    Sorry to bother you Rusty, but apparently we're being cute and speaking thru intermediaries now, even though I've repeatedly offered to meet face to face for a nominal sum, say $100K.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    SmallWay, interesting post. Shows what a class act you are:

    1. Paranoid about the "lunatic leftist fringe"-what in the world is he talking about? This is a basketball blog
    2. Foul-mouthed- see above
    3. Aggressive-always challenging me to a fistfight
    4. Doesn't write clearly (because he can't think clearly)
    5. And by the way putz, I'm just throwing this out as an aside.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I was, however, being facetious about the Brooks/Hangdog for Lin trade, kind of like how I offered a ridiculous boozer trade after just about every game during his Bulls tenure, as in, can't we just trade the bozohole for so and so.

    As for Thomas, he can't guard anybody on D either, but he is a bonafide 20 ppg guy even in a 6th man role, and as such could cut down on the minutes that Rose "needs" to play.

  • A few comments from one of Grantland's NBA guys Andrew Sharp in an article in which he says he's buying the Bulls.

    "Yes, there are warning signs. Even Bulls fans are wary of expectations. I talked to my friend Ricky O’Donnell from SB Nation and he gave me several paragraphs of concerns. Among them:"

    "The last time we saw this team, it was getting blown off the court at home. By Matthew Dellavedova. In an elimination game."

    "Pau Gasol is great on offense and increasingly dreadful on D, while Joakim Noah is just about the exact opposite. They’re both old, too, and not likely to stay on the court all season."

    "The depth behind Derrick Rose isn’t great. Kirk Hinrich will be on the Bulls for the next 75 years, so he’s there, and then there’s E’Twuan Moore, who’s solid as a backup but pretty concerning as a starter.
    These depth concerns exist on most teams, obviously, but not every team is rocking with the most injury-prone point guard in the league."

    "Nikola Mirotic should be good, but maybe not that good. He might not be a great 3-point shooter, and that would be a problem if he’s playing stretch 4."

    "The defense was getting worse last season (11th in the league) even with Tom Thibodeau, and without him, it could become an even bigger problem."

    Never-the-less, it all still comes down to Rose. If Rose returns to all star form, the Bulls can challenge the Cav's, at least during the regular season. His legs actually appear to be healthy, hopefully the double vision doesn't last all season, or the Bulls don't treat it like they did Luol Deng's issues during the 2014 playoffs.

    Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow night.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It appears that the Bulls have a lot of talent but not enough top or 2nd-tier talent.

    However, if Rose becomes a top 20 player and both Gasol and Butler are as well, or even close, all that team might need to really challenge the Cavs is a solid SF. The FO ought to have enough pieces and picks to land that guy!

    The Brooks/Moore/Snell combo ought to be OK for some backup minutes at the G positon. Even tho I would lean toward trading them for Isaiah.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Well, here are the Bulls players individual ranks(going forward into this season), according to ESPN's extensive survey of over 100 NBA "experts". I would take a close look at their methodology before dismissing the rankings.

    17. Jimmy Butler
    33. Joakim Noah
    35. Pau Gasol
    41. Derrick Rose
    72. Nikola Mirotic
    84. Taj Gibson
    166. Mike Dunleavy
    227. Bobby Portis
    234. Aaron Brooks
    246. Doug McDermott
    256. Tony Snell
    260. Kirk Hinrich
    376. E'Twaun Moore

    Butler is our only current top 20 guy. Rose could certainly return to that level if he comes most of the way back. Numbers 33 and 35 are particularly interesting in light of the current opinion of most Bulls fans. Obviously, Gasol is not ever going to be a top 20 player again even if he is blindly voted to an all star team or an all NBA team(out of position at small forward) based solely on name recognition/reputation and gross stat lines(similar to guys like Enes Kanter(152) and Nikola Vucevic(55)).

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