Mike Dunleavy out 8-10 weeks

Mike Dunleavy out 8-10 weeks

The Bulls announced that Mike Dunleavy will miss the next 8-10 weeks:

Bulls forward Mike Dunleavy successfully underwent a low back microdiscectomy procedure earlier today at Rush University Medical Center. Dunleavy had experienced some occasional back discomfort over the summer which had recently worsened. Conservative measures failed to satisfactorily resolve his symptoms, therefore, the decision was made to perform the surgery. The timing is unfortunate, but it was imperative that all conservative measures were exhausted prior to making this decision. He is expected to be out 8-10 weeks.

This could give Doug McDermott heavy minutes right off the bat, or at the very least Tony Snell. That is of course unless Fred Hoiberg decides to Thibodeau the whole thing and put Nikola Mirotic at the three. But somehow I imagine that being a non-starter.

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  • A blessing in disguise?

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    I think so. Ultimately the Bulls aren't going anywhere if Dunleavy is a major contributor. Time to see now if McDermott was worth all the assets the Bulls spent to get him.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    Major contributor in minutes, that is. He will not be major as in a strong starter. Good guy off the bench tho.

    The Bulls still need the srong SF.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    A M E N !!!!!!!

  • This only highlights what many here on this blog already knew. Bulls are weak at the wings, particularly at SF. Dunleavy was always meant to be a backup SF so its not his fault.

    Bulls do not have a playoff-quality-starting-SF on the roster. The onus is on management to acquire one, because McDermott or Snell are not it, though they do deserve playing/development time.

  • In reply to Edward:

    A M E N 2 !!!!!!

  • In reply to Edward:

    Rudy Gay, Rudy Gay.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Rudy Gay would be very good, I agree, but how?

    I recently saw this article about Bulls history of trades. It is anemic at best, almost shocking! FOR YEARS, Bulls haven't made a trade acquisition that wasn't primarily financial maneuvering.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yea, at this point, it is not a very realistic option, it's more of a pipe dream even if the Bulls didn't suck at making trades. Might have been able to do it a year or so ago.

  • the coach will probably start Snell and bring McDoug off the bench since Snell plays better defense. I just hope they don't get the thibodeau-like idea of starting Hinrich with Rose. Snell and McDermott need to prove themselves this year or else the Bulls need to dump them and get a decent veteran small forward. Snell is forgivable as a late 1st round pick but McDoug was a lottery pick that the Bulls gave two firsts for. i'm hoping for McBuckets and not McBust.

    Even though weakness at the wings is a big issue, I'm looking for how this team defends under Hoiberg as the number one issue when preseason starts.

  • It seems these body repairs happen often with NBA guys just before the start of training camp! Hey, get this stuff fixed in June! This is nuts.

    And then they get paid for the two months missed. Makes it look like they needed a longer vacation.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Kind of my first reaction to this news too. That, and I didn't like Dunleavy's new contract to begin with, especially the 3 years part(forgot who has the option on year 3, but it should be the team). They over reacted to the supposed interest of the Cav's, who really couldn't afford Dunleavy, since every dollar they spend is costing them 2-3 more in taxes at this point, meaning they're spending $12-15 million on Mike Dunleavy.

    Scottie Pippen pulled this move before the 97-98 season, costing the Bulls home court advantage in the finals and another shot at 70 wins.

    Shaq did it at least once, saying, I got hurt on company time, I'm going to have surgery and recover on company time.

    At age 35 maybe he does need/want a longer vacation. Although having experienced it twice myself, I wouldn't call recovering from back surgery a vacation, especially when your job is just playing basketball.

    In any event, it does have to be viewed as a blessing in disguise as it will give McDNP every opportunity to prove or disprove himself. We should have a pretty good idea if McDNP has any chance of being a starting caliber player by the time that Dunleavy would be ready to return to the starting lineup.

    Despite his meager stats, the Bulls were a much better team in nearly every way last season with Dunleavy on the floor than they were without him. Hopefully somebody steps up and surprises us in his absence.

  • Everyone is so down on this team. The negatives are all known. But this team has a ton of upside.
    1. 26 year old former MVP point guard who is two years removed from ACL surgery and wants to reclaim his elite status. His trainer says he is finally back and even with Westbrook. He plays hard, shares the ball and really wants to win. I'll take it.
    2. One of the 3-4 best SG in the league in Butler. Gets after it defensively. Has expanded his game offensively. In his prime and ready to take on all comers.
    3. SF--2013 College player of the year who is ready to make his mark after an injury riddled 2014 under a domineering coach. He had to make the conversion from PF to SF/SG on the defensive end in 2014. One of the best shooters in the history of college basketball. And Mike Dunleavy if Doug needs another year.
    4. Mirotic is one of the best talents to ever come out of Europe, set records there, and put up silly numbers in the NBA for a rookie. Gibson is a great back up. And then there's the rook.
    5. Gasol was first team East All Star last year. Noah was all NBA the year before and is 29 years old.
    This team is loaded. Everyone assumes that Rose's body is shot and Noah's knees are shot. If those two come back healthy and play well, this team has the ability to win 60 plus games and play the Cavs in an epic ECF. I am incredibly excited about the season.

  • In reply to piggy7:

    You get an A for optimism. I might add a new coach in Hoiberg!!!

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    In fact, he's so optimistic that Noah has become nearly 2 years younger. This will be his age 31 season(he turns 31 in February), which means that even right now he isn't 29.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Too bad we couldn't get 29 year old Noah back that guy was a beast.

  • In reply to piggy7:

    Yes, but the flipside is that they couldn't compete with a depleted Cavs team in the playoffs.

  • As long as Rose continues to play like an average player while making franchise player money, this team has no real chance. You can complain about ownership or management all you want, and I’ll be the first to say they need more at the wing position, but even that won’t matter if Rose doesn’t play much, much better than he did last year. Personally I’ve given up on the team because I’ve given up on him.

  • I'd say we have a punchers chance of having a good year due to Rose. I don't hate the guy but you are 100% correct. If he doesnt earn his money this year we're done. I hope he has an unprecedented come back.

  • A blessing, true enough. Maybe now they can trade half the team for Anthony. Phil might go for the young talent

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