EuroBasket 2015 tips off today

EuroBasket 2015 tips off today

For about $11, you can buy a league pass event to see Nikola Mirotic and Pau Gasol play for Spain at EuroBasket 2015. Just remember to cancel the subscription after the conclusion of the tournament, as FIBA only offers monthly subscription services which this technically is.

Following is Spain's schedule for the tourney, all times CDT:

Today, Saturday 11:00 am - Vs. Serbia

Tomorrow, Sunday 2:00 pm - Vs. Turkey

Tuesday, 2:00 pm - Vs. Italy

Wednesday, 2:00 pm - Vs. Iceland

Thursday, 10:45 am - Vs. Germany

Playoff games begin next Saturday, September 12th, and runs through the 20th with times and specifics to be announced later.



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