Grading the Bulls: Kirk Hinrich

Grading the Bulls: Kirk Hinrich

Last grading: Joakim Noah


Let's be honest, Hinrich's offense was virtually non-existent. He scored 8.4 points per 36 minutes (an almost ridiculously low mark), had abysmal efficiency (TS% of .468), and even saw his free throw shooting decline six percentage points. At no point did he look comfortable shooting the ball, and he frequently found himself leaving shots well short, or in situations where he couldn't even get an attempt up.

Hinrich still has some worth in the sense of handling the ball, even though that skill has lessened somewhat in recent years. When he doesn't try being too cute by threading the needle - much in the same manner as Noah - he's actually a decent set-up guy who can initiate some offense, without being involved. This is fine and dandy, but in the new NBA, where spacing and shot-making ability across positions are necessary, Hinrich is drastically falling behind.


This used to be Hinrich's bread and butter, and to some extent it still if given the overall decline in his game. To his credit, Hinrich does put in a tremendous effort whenever he's on defense, but he's lost so much of his quickness and athleticism that he's become a shell of the defender he used to be. Three years ago Hinrich struggled primarily against quicker lead guards, whereas now he's having trouble keeping up with all sorts of players, quick and slow.

On some level, it's understandable. At 34, and not blessed with elite athleticism at any point in his career, a drop-off was expected. You have to wonder what the plan is now regarding Hinrich. Does he sit out 10-12 games in a row and wrap up games in blow-outs, or does he become a 10-minute specialty player in which the Bulls try to squeeze the very last drops from him on that end of the floor?

"Brought it factor"

You can critique Hinrich's game for missing a lot of things, but there's no denying he's bringing whatever he's got, and is doing it every night. It's been his way of doing things since his rookie season, and that mentality hasn't changed. He may be supremely effective, but at least he's not lazy.

Highlight of the season



He may try, and he may be a pro's pro. But at the end of the day, he's doing more harm than good out there. Now, some of that grade should be passed on to Tom Thibodeau for playing him over 24 minutes a night.

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  • Just like I said in another post, they should just waive him. He hurts the team more than helps if for nothing else he takes playing time away from guys more deserving and development time from the younger players. It would be one thing if he had a particular skill that benefits the team like a 3 point shot, being able to hit wide open jumpers, was good at team defense, rebound, steal, make plays, but he doesn't have anything to offer.

    On a personl level I have nothing against Hinrich. I used to like him alot on defense particularly with steals and how he used to have the ability to disrupt passing lanes. He also used to be efficient at running an offense but those days are long gone and it's time for the bulls to move on.

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    Bwahahaha!!! LOL! "F" ROTFL

  • Honestly, I'm surprised that you even bothered. This would have been a better topic for the day before labor day weekend. Honestly, somebody has to be fired for the last 4 years of missing out on hundreds of better players to overpay the $68 million moron.

    In the next CBA there should be a clause that allows the fans of each team to vote for one player from each team each year whose contract is outright voided instantly making him an unrestricted free agent with no salary cap ramifications for the team. Basically fan directed amnesty except the player doesn't get paid.

    The Bulls could have been rid of Hangdog years ago, and the Knicks and Lakers could rid themselves of Melo and Kobe this year.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I felt I had to to get it out of the way.

  • Stauskas was traded to Philly today--I wonder if Philly would accept a draft pick for him. Under good coaching this kid may have a chance to succeed with the Bulls. He would also be affordable?

  • In reply to penwit1:

    and Philly got a future top 10 protected first from Sacto in that same deal. Philly has to get behind us for that pick at least for the next 2 years. Seems like a really bad deal by Sacto to create salary cap space that they can't seem to give away, as both Monta Ellis($48 million) and Wes Mathews($64million) turned them down for less money elsewhere.

    Not really interested in Stauskas, we've already got our own issues with McDNP.

  • I was hoping Hinrich's contract would be converted to a pg coaching position with the Bulls. For $2.8 I guess any one of us would also opt in to play. We would still like him to be a part of the Bulls--having a role on the staff while we feel his days as a player are limited. But, now I'm hoping for his contract to be utilized in a sign and trade towards Mathews of Portland or some other player who could contribute more than Kirk.

  • Weren't their any grades lower than "F"? Here's hoping they either waive him or trade him far, far away from his comfy north shore home.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    With amnesty not an option, is euthanasia out of the question?

    How about a fan firing squad.

  • Worst player in the NBA.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Probably. But I expect that honor will pass to Mike James when Gar signs him as the new back-up PG after he strikes out trying to sign Lin, Beverly, etc.

  • "F" huh? Ouch!

    We know what we're going to get from Kirk at this point. About 1 good game out of 3. In spot minutes he can still contribute. Kirk's problem this year was Thibs played him waaay too much. I don't like it when guys are put in a position to fail. Remember JL III at the free throw lime his first.night in a Bulls uniform? Imagine if you asked Nazr to chip in 30 min a night as Kirk did before the all-star break. That's crazy. But in spot minutes Nazr is sometimes exactly the guy the Bulls need out there and it's the same with Kirk.

    I think Kirk will respond well to the Hoiberg system. More than any other Bulls PG he likes to get the ball up the floor and push tempo. His man defense is slipping but he's the best guard-on-big help defender in the league, has been for awhile. That picture of him tying up Blake is what he does every night. Dropping below the FT line to help the bigs on D is his specialty now. I'd like to see Hoiberg give him situational minutes while Moore and Snell begin to step into his role. That way we'll get more good games than bad out of him and know what we have for the future.

  • Probably the lowest point of my day KH opted-in was when Gar said he was "excited" to have Hinrich back for another season. This is either 1) the biggest lie of the summer, or 2) Gar needs to be committed to a mental hospital.

    If #2 don't be surprised if Gar seeks to extend Klank for another two years. In which case, I will contemplate moving to Oregon or Washington where the assisted suicide laws are more liberal.

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