For clarification: Kirk Hinrich does not have trade veto rights this season

For clarification: Kirk Hinrich does not have trade veto rights this season

Last year, Kirk Hinrich was able to block any trade involving him, if he so pleased, and after picking up his option for the second year of his contract, I've been asked if this was once again the case.

I didn't believe that was the case, but just to make sure, I checked with Mark Deeks, and the answer came promptly: "No, just last".

The logic is as follows: Hinrich signed a two-year deal with an option. However, until the option was picked up it was, in effect, a one-year contract, thus giving hin veto rights. But seeing as Hinrich has now picked up the second year on his deal, he effectively is in Year 2 of his deal, thus removing any veto rights.

The only way Hinrich would maintain these rights was if the Bulls decided to give him a no-trade clause, which they did not, even though he was eligible for one.

The point guard on the Bulls who may have veto rights, however, is Aaron Brooks. He hasn't signed yet, but when he does, he will have. He would have this, seeing as the Bulls will have Early Bird rights on him after this upcoming season, which is a similar situation Hinrich was in last year, after playing two seasons before signing his 1+1 deal last summer, thus qualifying him to have full Bird rights.

So there you go. From here on out, let the Hinrich trade proposals flow like the Egyptian rivers of old. It's all perfectly legal. Do try sending him Portland's way, however. With no guard depth and loads of cap space in a dried up market, the impossible may actually be, potentially, possible.

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  • Kirk Hinrich for two adult admissions to the Brookfield Zoo. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on RealGM Trade Checker. It says I have to add another player.

    But seriously folks, the last few years we have seen teams flagrantly tank for the potential to win the following year's lottery. Cuban says he might do it this year. What better player to have on your squad than Klank? For the privilege of having Hinrich on their team I would certainly bargain for a top ten protected first round pick in 2019. If that fails, Gar should cave and ask for the draft rights to Norm Van Lier.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    We seem to have several fans challenging for comedic blogger of the site! Personally, I like it.

    BTW, there should be real lessons for all aspiring GMs in the Bulls history with some of these FA signings - Wallace, Boozer, Hamilton (still some of his salary on the books), Hinrich. After they were made, they looked exorbitant!

    And if even Kirk's relatively low salary kept them from getting a better backup PG, the real costs become much higher. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Unfortunately, every other team in the NBA has trade veto authority over any Hangdog trade, and they will all use it should the Bulls ever attempt to trade him.

  • I wouldn't be shocked if Klank sees 12 minutes per game, but I would be disappointed in Mayor McCheese if that were to happen on his watch, Nobody is going to bother with a Klank trade either for what 2.7 Mill?? There are too many ways to clear that off the books then to f around with Klank. Plus Gar/Pax wouldn't pawn him off again unless it was to the Wizards(hardy har).

    A Taj trade might occur if he's healthy and looks good, but you get what some retread..? Maybe you get a steal on an up and comer it is possible..

    Meanwhile summer league aka 90% garbage shined with a Damian Lillard like scoring barrage by our friend Joseph Young(head banging against a wall to eterinity). Still, Bobby Portis dropped 23 in his debut, and looks like a probable rotation player at No. 21 not bad. If he can add some muscle he could become starting caliber or impact quality rotation/sixth man territory. He may be the latter by next year regardless.

    McDNP on the other hand had 21, but a lot of scampering transition lay ins resembling nothing of a real NBA skill set. Hopefully he will exhibit just that in the remaining summer league games or at least shoot a good percentage on volume threes. Again if he and Niko can just do what they were brought here for and shoot threes for a solid to good percentage then that alone will be a major upgrade to the offense.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I wouldn't get to worked up about Young, you have to know that summer league performance has an almost perfectly inverse correlation with real NBA performance. See McDNP last summer, hope it doesn't apply to Portis this summer.

    If I am not mistaken, Gary Harris was your Joseph Young of last season, and I just saw something the other day that noted that Harris ranked 474 out of 478 eligible NBA players in one of ESPN's advanced valuation metrics, it might have been RPM.

    You were right about Damian Lillard several years ago, but he was the 6th pick in the draft, not a late first or second rounder. Although Lillard's efficiency(which seems to be your #1 barometer) took a hit last year, especially as the year wore on.

  • Snell, McDermott and Moore all need to see pt before kirk hinrich. The shooting guard minutes should be 1. Butler, 2. Snell 3. Moore with McDermott behind Dunleavy. Hinrich at this point is a third string emergency point guard. It's just ridiculous when you see young talented players(inconsistent yes) just rot on the bench. I'm not sure about the big man rotation as both Noah and Gasol are gone after this year. Gasol will opt out if he has a similar year to last and cash in one last time. I see them holding on to Gibson while they cement the future duo of Portis and Mirotic.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    We all (almost all, anyway) agree on the Gs.

    What happens with the trade of a big depends on where the team is at a few months from now. I could see any of the bigs except Mirotic traded for a solid wing, but who knows yet. If Snell and Moore are doing well, one of them might be included.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    You're absolutely right about Gasol opting out. For some reason I've always expected him to opt in, but if he has another good season I see no reason why he wouldn't try to cash in like everyone else. With Both Noah and Gasol off the books we could actually be a major player in the 2016 free agent market. Of course that's assuming Gar/Pax has what it takes to get something done. Personally I'm not too excited about next years free agency due to the TV deal. There's gonna be a lot of players getting overpaid on bad contracts and it's gonna cripple a lot of teams. If Noah has a strong season he could potentially make more than Jimmy Butler next year and he's barely worth the contract he's on now. I'd like to see us go after Horford but expect to pay top dollar.

  • Austin Rivers stays with the Clips for 2yrs/$6.4 million, which is something less than the MMLE over 2 years would be.

    Not that I think there was any chance the Bulls could have taken him away from his dad for a couple of extra bucks, but I would have liked the Bulls to have taken a run at Rivers. It feels like there is still some upside left in his game, maybe to the journeyman starter level. Certainly rather have him than Hangdog and/or Brooks and/or Moore.

  • If this is true, what is the hold up on a trade? Why hasn't this happened like yesterday? Hinrich brings zero value. In baseball terms, he's a minus WAR player. I would trade Hinrich and a 2nd round pick just to get him off the books. I would rather take a flyer on an undrafted player or a Euro player or a NBDL player just to see if you happen to get lucky and find a contributor. Hinrich provides nothing!

    I'm so beyond frustrated with GarPax philosophy of "bring back the band." No other team has essentially brought back the same exact cast of characters with the exception of a draft pick. Why? Why are we watching the same movie again? Why hasn't someone challenged this mentality and thinking? I just don't get it at all. There really is NOTHING to look forward to this year. NOTHING!

    The Pacers, Heat, and Bucks have all gotten considerably better. The Wizards, Raptors and Hawks are still a threat. And then there's the Cavs.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    I think BigWay answered ripiceman's question on the hold up of Hinrich's trade - the common sense of other GM's. But I see we already signed the undrafted player (Jose Feliciano??) he wanted except he's another PF. Maybe the Taj trade is really in the works. Though I suspect the signing is little more than a non-guaranteed camp invitation, since our elder statesmen bigs probably aren't going to see a lot of exhibition minutes.

  • Somebody latched on to my recent comment to point out that Joseph Young's summer league exploits likely mean didely squat. Then said enlightener decided it was also time to present a brief synopsis on my "career" as an interested draft enthusiast pointing out that Damian Lillard was a top 6 pick anyway..(?) and the perceived error on my part on Gary Harris i.e why the hell am I droning on about something I don't know much about anyway..?

    Look, I appreciate the lack of snarkiness that has prevailed on here for quite some time now. I have noticed that said eruptions from the adjudicator of Bulls Confidential don't come that often and really have little to do with the targeted poster, and more to do with said adjudicator's panties being in a bunch.

    That said if my persistent spotlight on Joe Young has been over done i.e an annoyance to someone then I can get that. I will say though that as Damian Lillard was mentioned ironically it actually shows why some times summer league explosive and repeated bouts of scoring in the extreme range then can yes matter some what. And like Lillard that's just what Joe Young has done. I have no doubts he is going to be a good scorer/shooter in this league.

    As for Gary Harris that was actually Kevin's guy but I admit that after I took a second look I was on board with him if drafted though he was by no means my personal favorite. And why someone would go to the trouble of trying to rehash his RPM..(?) and associate that with me again is a bit of a no life move.

    Anyway we'll all be rejoicing the day that Dario Saric makes the all-star team, or at least I know I will.

  • There isn't a whole lot left to say about Hinrich that hasn't been said already. The dudes garbage and everybody knows it by now. I'm sure even John Paxson has taken notice and if not I'm certain a random confidant in his inner circle might have joked about it from time to time. The only logical explanation for keeping him around is the front office knows something we don't. I don't feel like digging up a stat sheet but I think Hinrich just might be the longest tenured Chicago Bull in history. By him not ever really being all that great of a player it could only mean there's a personal attachment. Even Ben Gordon was a better player than Hinrich and they kicked him to the curve like it was just business as usual. Thabo Sefolosha was also worlds better than Hinrich and a better fit, but to no ones surprise they decided to keep Hinrich instead. Even Kyle Korver who's a rare three point specialist had to play second fiddle to Hinrich who really has no particular skill of note. So knowing all this don't expect Hinrich to get waived and don't be surprised to see him on the team next season as well.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Honestly Hinrichs presence alone is a physical example of why the Bulls can't make it to the top. A damn shame if you ask me.

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