Bulls Beat #369 - Free Agency

Bulls Beat #369 - Free Agency

I discuss the Bulls bringing back Jimmy Butler and Mike Dunleavy and the early shake up of the league with free agency signings.

Bulls Beat #369 - Free Agency

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  • Fridell was on Twitter the other day wagging his finger at Bulls fans who were "crushing" GarPax for not locking Jimmy up for $48M. First, I didn't even really see that happening. But if it did happen and some Bulls fans were vocal about it didn't they have a point? I admit it's entirely possible that $48M counter-offer from Butler's side was soft or maybe didn't even happen at all. It could be Jimmy saw the $44M offer and just said, "Nah, I'm gonna go for it". It's possible Jimmy wouldn't have made as big a leap without the contract year motivation or that he'd now be unsatisfied if he were locked into $11M a year so it's better he's happy. All that's possible. But Nick didn't bring any of that in. I'm not crushing the Bulls FO now that the deal is done but I want to pimp slap Fridell for dismissing Bulls fans who can do basic arithmetic.

  • For people who like to contend that RPM is not a reliable measure of a player's true worth relative to the rest of the league check out this list from ESPN in their coverage of Lamarcus Aldridges move to the Spurs.

    "Best Real Plus-Minus Among Big Men Last 2 Seasons
    Tim Duncan +4.98
    Anthony Davis +4.71
    LaMarcus Aldridge +4.68, 10th among all players in NBA"

    "Aldridge is a top-10 NBA player. Among big men, only Tim Duncan and Anthony Davis have had a larger impact over the past two seasons."

    "The players ahead of Aldridge in real plus-minus are LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Duncan and Davis."

    That's pretty much a list of MVP's with only Leonard and Duncan being somewhat surprising, Duncan due to his age, and Leonard due to his modest stats.

    I'd say that it might be the single most definitive single stat for comparing the relative value of individual players, certainly much more relevant/realistic than PER.

    It is interesting to note that, as we were constantly reminded all season long a certain Bulls center ranked 13th by PER. However, as we were not constantly reminded all season long that same Bulls center only ranked 65th in RPM, and even that came only after a season closing rush from 80th.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Very interesting, BigWay. I am a bit surprised by the low RPM of Gasol. He certainly put up good points for the Bulls last season, so I would have expected a higher rating.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Can't say I'm a huge fan of the RPM stat as "the best" stat, because I don't think it shows great consistency from year to year which implies that guys radically change their value over a year.

  • "I'd say that it might be the single most definitive single stat for comparing the relative value of individual players..."

    As you never tire of telling us how educated you are, I'm curious why you need to use the word "single" twice in that sentence. (Perhaps you were not paying attention in 4th grade English.)

    In any event, this must mean Pau is a better player than the following big men:

    Al Horford
    Dwight Howard
    Chris Bosh
    Dirk Nowitski
    Andre Drummond
    Joakim Noah
    Hassan Whiteside
    Brook Lopez
    Rudy Gobert
    Nikola Vucevic
    Al Jefferson
    Taj Gibson
    Omer Asik
    Roy Hibbert
    Tristan Thompson

    I thought we were on summer vacation?Here it is in July and you are already seeking ways to diminish the accomplishments of our second team All-NBA center. Now that's what I call a real Bulls fan!

    Time for you to get out of your trailer and get some fresh air. Take that road kill off the grill and celebrate the nice weather by going to White Castle and get yourself some sliders. There will be plenty of time this autumn to discuss your obsessive need to ridicule and denigrate Pau. Relax.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I don't care how awesome Pau is or isn't - leave White Castle out of this!

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Just because you disagree with someone's opinion about a basketball player doesn't mean that you have to turn it into a childish petulant personal attack every single time, especially when the comments were not even addressed to you directly.

    Perhaps you can explain how simply restating 2 established factual tidbits and that I like one better than the other amounts to ridicule and denigration. Maybe you need to relax.

    Your response today and most other days certainly says more about you than it does about me, obviously not in a good way.

    In any event, one measure suggests that he is the 13 best player(at least offensively) in the league and the other suggests he is the 65th best player. I am fairly certain that no one here thinks that he is the 13th best player in the league.

    In case you haven't figured out this internet thing yet, it isn't a final exam for an english class at any grade level. It's supposed to be about people sharing their opinions with others who enjoy the same topic or activity. It should be a fun diversion, not some insane obsession with proving that you are smarter or better than everyone else. Which is something that you've clearly proven you are not by your neverending classless ad hominem attacks against me simply because you don't like my opinion of Pau Gasol as a basketball player. An opinion by the way that is shared by many if not most people who have commented on the subject, including Doug and Zach Lowe.

    Like they say, you can judge the character of a man by the company he keeps, I'll take Doug and Zach Lowe over you and Al Franken anyday.

    Feel free to comment on any 4rth grade english errors, (perhaps as you are preparing to take your GED) as I am posting this without review. Continue to enjoy your summer up there in the land of 10,000 lakes and at least 2 world class douchebags, or maybe it's 3. Doesn't Jesse still reside there, you know the guy who is suing the widow of Chris Kyle.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    By the way, genius, if you go back and actually read my statement, my use of the word single twice in one sentence was absolutely correct and proper as anyone who was awake during 4rth grade english would know. The first use was as a modifier for the word "definitive" and the second use was as a modifier for the word "stat".

    If you are going to go out of your way to be a childish jackass, you should at least be correct on the merits of your argument. But why let the truth, or a simple matter of actually being correct get in the way of arrogant spiteful hatred.

    Perhaps, someday if you actually get beyond obtaining your GED, you might come to understand the concept of "stream of consciousness" which I believe would describe how many people post their thoughts o
    n internet blogs. Which would be different than they way most people might approach and English final exam.

    Does that satisfy your curiosity?

    You know what I am curious about? Why does the very fiber of your being depend on what other people think about Pau Gasol as a basketball player? Couldn't you find a better celebrity obsession to devote your entire life to? Kim Kardashian seems more like your style since your goal in life is to be as big of an ass as humanly possible and hers is to acquire one as big as humanly possible.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I did go back and re-read your statement. If you take out the second "single" in that sentence it reads much better and does not change the meaning of the statement. You essentially were trying to emphasize the significance of the word "stat" (if that is even a word). I wasn't an English major but I know a poorly written sentence when I see it.

    My take on why you chose those modifiers was that you were so enthusiastic about your "discovery" that you were actually bursting to spread the word to the other posters on this board. Why would you want to do this? My guess is that you thought you found the holy grail proving that Gasol is overrated. That's being obsessive, especially when you have already made your opinion known hundreds of times. Perhaps it will reach into the thousands if it hasn't already. Certainly it will by by next season.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Oooh, I love it when you get angry! I presume your next reply will include at least the third time that you will threaten me with physical harm. Talk about childish and petulant.

    I'm sure Doug and your pal Zach are great guys, but Pau wasn't voted all second team NBA by idiots. I don't mind anybody being critical of players, but your gratuitous, continual, and obsessive criticism of Gasol borders on mental illness.

    And what in the world does Al Franken have to do with anything? He is a United States Senator. You're a nobody who needs medical care.

  • I think the East did get stronger. I like the job Jason Kidd is doing with the Bucks and Greg Monroe is a great fit for that team. Miami just might be better than the Bulls next year if Wade and Bosh is healthy. I thought they had a good draft picking Justise Winslow and their team is actually pretty deep. Also remember they didn't get Dragic until the deadline and Bosh was out for the season around the same time. So their going to be dangerous with a full season of chemistry. I think Washington got weaker because losing Paul pierce was a huge blow no matter how you look at it. He's not the kind of player you can easily replace. My prediction is the Bucks and Heat surpass the Wizards and Raptors.

    As for the west San Antonio is my pick for the championship. Getting Aldridge was huge for them.

  • If things go right for the Bulls nest season, these might happen:

    1) Rose, Noah, and Taj all have healthier seasons;

    2) Mirotic improves a lot at PF;

    3) McDermott finds his shot plus at least a bit of D;

    4) Gasol and Dunleavy both have little drop in production;

    5) Snell, Moore, and Portis all improve;

    6) The FO finds another solid PG in the FA market; and

    7) Hoiberg and other coachs are all great.

    That ought to get the title!

    I do also agree with Ajay, the Spurs made a huge jump with Aldridge. But not enough to beat the Bulls if most of the above happen!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Good Points.

    #6 You better be right. Cause If you are wrong, and if Rose is out a bit, not to mention he is on a shorter Minutes per Game String, we can have Big Problems.

  • The Bulls of 2016 are embraced to be the Golden State of 2015. All pieces are there, no major moves made, chemistry will be there, Rose starting a new season with no injuries and the trio of McD, Mitotic and Snell at a verge of a breakout season. The Bulls need another serviceable backup PG, but if think the Golden State was able to win it all with Barbosa as a backup PG, I am sure the Bulls can find someone better equipped than Aaron Brooks with the remaining 3.4M cap space. The title hopes are not closed yet, so with a bit of luck on the health department, I still like the chances for the Bulls to win it all next year. The Cavs will still be the 2 ton gorilla in front of the Bulls, but apart from James being the best player on the planet, all other positions are fairly even (or Bulls slightly better) between Bulls and Cavs.

  • After giving it some thought I really like the Bulls chances this year. To the average fan the pieces might all look the same but the team is a lot better now. Last season the problem wasn't necessarily that the personell we have weren't good enough, it had more to do with a lack of consistency to build chemistry due to injuries and also the team had to adjust to the return of Derrick Rose and he was rusty for most of the season. But it seems like every since Rose got that bone removed from his meniscus he's been playing a lot better. In fact, during the playoffs was the most consistent he played all year. Some could call that a silver lining if nothing. So if Rose can stay healthy and be consistent like he was in the playoffs and Jimmy Butler continues to be a star, that's a huge plus especially if Hoiberg utilizes them in the right way. Get them to play off each other's strengths. That, and everything rustyw has on his list because those are the keys to the Bulls winning a championship.

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